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What Are The Events In Highpoint You Need To Know

If you’re planning to visit Highpoint Shopping Centre anytime soon, then you need to be aware of the developments happening in the popular shopping destination. You need to know the different events in Highpoint so you’ll know what to expect.

The Return of Mini Makers

If you miss Mini Makers then you’ll be happy to know that it will be returning very soon. And the good news is, it will be safer than ever. The designers of Mini Makers know that parents are worried about the safety of their children. This is why the designers have created a COVID-safe environment both for kids and their parents. And to be able to use the facilities of Mini Makers, you will need to book in advance. This policy is to ensure the safety of all. To those who are not familiar with Mini Makers, it’s a place that provides fun masterclasses to children aged 2 to 5. covers subjects such as science, arts, dance, and more. Indeed, the return of Mini Makers is one of the most exciting events in Highpoint. Mini Makers is located on Level 1, Centre Court.

Go West

Highpoint is one of the establishments that got affected by the pandemic last year. So this year, it’s coming back with a vengeance. The mall is optimistic for this year and it shows with the introduction of the Go West Autumn Winter 2021 campaign. This is about the individual’s aspiration to be unique through colors, tones, and styles. The campaign focuses on 5 key trends that are set to rule the 2021 fashion scene. These include tonal layering, the return of the checkered pattern, the revival of 70s fashion sense, extreme fringing, and structured suits. The general look of the campaign is one that exudes confidence, flexibility, and optimism. It is something that fashion-conscious individuals should watch out for.

The Atrium Kitchen

Something exciting is about to happen at Highpoint, particularly at the Atrium. It is going to have a makeover and it will soon be called the Atrium Kitchen. One of the highlights of the project will be its architecture. The aim of the project is to create a safe and relaxing recreational area for shoppers. It promises to be one of the most exciting retail developments in all of Melbourne. The changes will definitely invigorate the look and feel of the whole mall. If you love Highpoint now, for sure you’ll love it more when the project gets completed. The Atrium Kitchen will have natural greenery, an indoor playground, more communal dining spaces, easier access to shops, light and airy look, and many more. The project is seen as a major step in the evolution of Highpoint. It will definitely strengthen its position as the premier shopping destination in Melbourne.

New Safety Guidelines

As Highpoint opens its doors again to shoppers and visitors, the mall starts to implement new guidelines for the safety of everyone. All shoppers are now required to check in via QR code before they enter the mall. The wearing of masks is also now mandatory in all areas of the shopping centre.

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