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5 Key Benefits of Ten Pin Bowling

If you’re an Auckland resident, there’s no better sport to participate in than bowling. While this sport has existed for decades, many people still don’t understand how important and beneficial this sport is. Ten-pin bowling can be an essential exercise for your physical and mental health. It works your body out exceptionally well and also spices up your social life tremendously. If you’re planning to go ten pin bowling in Auckland city, here are the benefits you are likely to accrue.

1. Improves Your Social Life

Nothing feels good like teaming up with friends and hitting the bowling alley on the weekend after a hectic week. Better still, you can spice up your family life and build stronger bonds with friends and relatives as you compete in toppling a few bowling pins. Ten-pin bowling is a mild sport that helps you meet new people and make new friends in the city.

There’s no harm in setting up a competition with your boss for an everyday moment as you catch up with life outside work. Also, custom bowling jerseys are a great avenue to make your social life more involving and fun, breaking the life monotony.

2. Minimizes Your Risk of Diseases

Bowling works out your muscles and is better than binge-watching or sitting all day. Ten-pin bowling carries several health benefits, including lowering any risks of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Besides, it also improves your blood circulation and lowers your cholesterol levels to minimize the chances of cardiac diseases. Bowling can be your best companion for a healthy body, and it can be good if you do it several times a week.

3. It Helps You Relieve Stress

Ten-pin bowling can be a good sport for the light moments of your free time and can be a good remedy for your mental health. It would help if you met up with friends at the bowling alley for a match or two. It would prove helpful in interpreting the constant strings of thoughts and break away from the ever-demanding life.

4. It Helps You Reduce Weight

Bowling helps you burn calories as you’re bound to move back and forth while playing the game. Besides, you also work your muscles in the process. On average, you can burn up to 300 calories per game, and depending on the level of the game’s intensity, you can cut down close to 275 calories per hour. Bowling is a game of power and allows you to reduce your weight significantly.

5. Improves Your Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Since you will be moving back and forth more frequently as you bowl, you will likely vigorously work out your body muscles. Also, lifting, balancing, and releasing the bowling ball can be excellent tasks to keep your muscles more active. With more bowling exercises, you will realize how flexible your muscles are also becoming.

Bowling can be fun and beneficial in terms of your mental and physical health. It’s also a refreshing break away from your daily life hassles and allows you to extend your social reach to friends and family as you catch up socially. It’s good that you make an effort to visit the bowling valley and share a drink with colleagues once in a while. Ten-pin bowling is a good exercise for your body and activates your mental plugs as well.

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