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How to Buy Perfume in Singapore Online

Most people find it odd to buy perfume in Singapore online without having to sniff it first. But in the same way, we buy clothes without fitting them first, buying perfume online without ever having sampled them is possible.

Buying perfume online is quick and convenient, especially if you live miles away from the nearest fragrance store. Buying it online without having smelled it ever will only be successful when you work holistically to gather as much information.

Here’s a masterclass on how to buy perfume in Singapore online without smelling it first.

1. Do your research

Research has shown that 81% of consumers must research a product online before making a purchase. Buying perfume online is no different as the research helps you gather as much information about the fragrance before clicking the buy button.

When finding your next perfume, the easiest way is to note your previous one and take inspiration from that. Several online fragrance resources are available to help you find the perfume that features your favorite fragrance. You can then use this information when researching for your next perfume.

It’s also essential to see what people are saying online by reading the reviews on buying perfume in Singapore online blogs and websites.

2. Know your name

The names can help you identify the perfume’s character. Most words convey the scent’s intensity and moods, such as passion, dark, intense, night and water.

3. Ignore the prices

In most cases, the prices aren’t related to the cost of the perfume. High cost doesn’t always mean high-quality fragrance. Actually, some inexpensive perfumes are of excellent quality.

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4. Consider the color

In some cases, though not always, the packaging alludes to the nature of the fragrance within.

  • Cool blues- Are often associated with freshness and in fragrance; they’re used in packaging aquatic and marine fragrances.
  • Red- This color is associated with passion and energy.
  • Greens- Notes contained in green boxes and bottles evoke foliage and they tend to be woodier and smokier.
  • Gold- This is often used for rich and exotic fragrance concoctions.
  • Yellows- Yellow colors are used in packaging summer fragrances and they’re also associated with spontaneity and cheerfulness.
  • Blacks- Perfumes packaged in black boxes and bottles are often intense.

5. Understand your family

Most websites mention the fragrance’s family to help you refine your choice. Knowing different fragrance families will help you identify your next perfume easily when you want to buy perfume in Singapore online.

  • Floral- These are very common in women’s perfumes
  • Woody- Include warm, masculine and versatile fragrances
  • Oriental- These are powerful and sensuous
  • Citrus- There best for daytime and summertime as the fragrances are energetic and lively

6. Stick to what you know

It’s recommended to stick to the perfume you know if you’re nervous about ending with something you don’t like. If you liked a particular perfume from a specific house of fragrance, consider buying a new one from them.


The most crucial bit of buying perfume online is taking your time. Invest time in finding the right fragrance for you since it’s an important statement about your personality. When you clearly understand what you’re looking for, you’ll easily get the best perfume. Buy perfume in Singapore online using the above tips and you’ll not regret it.

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