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Guide To Choosing The Right Sized Ductless Mini-Split

The size is one of the key factors that need to be considered to ensure the system operates at the right capacity. Choosing the right size is also important to secure savings while making sure the system operates efficiently. An HVAC contractor can advise you on the right size using a BTU rating. Let’s look at the different situations that can occur when choosing a size for your ductless mini-split.

Choosing An Undersized Ductless Mini-Split

Selecting a system that is smaller than the capacity required for your home can result in ineffective cooling or heating. The system will be constantly on but it will still fail to achieve the conditions required to meet climate control. This will result in a wastage of energy because the system is always on. There is also a chance that you will have significantly cold and hot spots in comparison to the rest of your home.

Another thing that will happen is that the system will exert full capacity for a longer duration to maintain the temperature demands. The system will become worn out soon because it is working at full blast most of the time to make up for the smaller size. You will have to pay for the added energy costs and also have to deal with spending more on repairs.

Choosing An Oversized Ductless Mini-Split

A bigger system is not always the answer to all of your problems. Since the system is much bigger than the requirement, it will cost more to keep it running. Due to the extra-large size, the machine will begin to short-cycle. A short-cycle is when the device repeatedly turns on, because it needs to maintain climate control, and off because it has achieved the desired temperature setting.

Continuously turning on and off the system will wear down much quicker. It can also cause the system to malfunction. The worst-case scenario is that the unit could become completely useless much sooner than its expected lifetime. The indoor air could become excessively humid as well because these machines are also dehumidifiers. Since the machine is oversized it will be unable to get rid of the humidity.

How To Choose A Proper Sized Mini-Split

When you choose a certain brand of a product always consider the size of the machine. The cooling capacity of the machine should match the size of the room it is being installed in. To do this you should have a rough idea of the size of your room in square feet. For example, a room that is 20’ wide and 30’ long has a 20’ X 30’ or 600 square feet size.

Now multiply the size of the room by 25 to find out how many BTUs are needed in a device to successfully maintain the temperature of that room. In the above case, 600 X 25 or a machine with a 15,000 BTU is required to properly maintain climate control in that room. This number can be offset if you have extremely large windows in your room.

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