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Four Essential Tips for Keeping Your Motorhome Safe When Camping

Camping and caravanning are two of the great British pastimes, enjoyed by millions as a low-cost form of holiday with a large fun factor. Whether you are a van-lifer enjoying the best of rural Britain, or a summer holidaymaker dusting off your motorhome for the first time in a while, you might be thinking about planning your next great adventure.

Safety is a key aspect to the planning process, and also one of the reasons for which some avoid camping and caravanning. What follow are some simple tips for addressing risk as you caravan, to make your life easier and make your trip more enjoyable to boot.

Keeping Your Motorhome Safe

Choose a Well-Lit Site

One of the easiest ways you can allay the majority of your worries relating to campervan safety is, quite simply, to choose a well-lit place to camp. Given you will most likely be camping in an authorised caravanning or camping site, you will have a number of amenities available to you already; campsite lighting is one such amenity, and picking a plot that enjoys the most light is a great start for safety.

A well-lit plot will deter bad actors from attempting to thieve from you – rare a possibility as that is. Good lighting can also deter thievery via the local fauna! Good lighting is also essential for your personal safety, giving you more opportunities to avoid trip hazards on your plot.

Check Your Insurance

This may not seem like much of a tip – after all, Insurance is a legal requirement for any road vehicles, campervans included. However, addressing your motorhome insurance before you travel gives you the opportunity to do more than simply ensure you are road-legal. Some insurance plans cover more than others, giving you the chance to protect the value of more belongings – or the value of your camper against more obscure risks.

Secure Your Belongings

Speaking of belongings, you might also take more immediate measures to secure and protect the things you bring with you on your camping trip. A footlocker or wardrobe safe can be a great purchase for keeping valuables stored away safely under lock and key – allowing you to leave your campervan unattended while you make the most of your holiday, without worrying too intently about the safety of things like jewellery or personal documents.

Communicate with Others

Safety is not just a one-person issue; sometimes, it takes a village – and the campsite you choose to stay in is that village. Communication with staff or personnel at the campsite you are staying in can help you assuage any extant worries about safety in the night, as well as help you appraise them of any concerns you might have regarding the conduct of other campers.

Of course, other campers can also be essential to your safety as a campsite overall. For one, skill-sharing enables you to ensure fire safety is upheld across the campsite, and that everyone can enjoy themselves equitably. For another, keeping one another in the loop about local news or issues can ensure everyone is safe.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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