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Interesting facts about Cole Bennett – Biography, Family, Net Worth & his Age

There was a saying when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But some people make lyrical lemonade when life throws lemon at them. You must have tasted the lemonade but have you ever thought about what lyrical lemonade feel like? Well, that is not some metaphor, but Lyrical Lemonade is a multi-media company, which is involved in live events, exclusive contests and creating videos as well as other creative work. It has myriad of music enthusiasts and amazing musicians swearing by their innovative and creative approach to music. Whenever anyone talks or hear about Lyrical Lemonade then first and foremost name that comes to mind is Cole Bennett.

Biography of Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett is the founder and owner of Lyrical Lemonade, a music giant company. He is not the founder of this company, also a successful Creative Video Director. To learn more about this music savvy and creative business executive, we will throw some light on his life elements, starting from his early childhood to current professional and personal life.

In the year 1996 of May 14th, a baby boy is born named Cole Bennett. He was in his elementary school when he bought a CD which incites his interest in rap music. That CD was either Trying by 50 Cent or Get Rich. And by chance, he discovered his enthusiasm and love for music, especially rap music. He gradually started attending all the music shows happening in Chicago, and by the time he reached High School, he was completely hooked to the music.

When Cole Bennett was in his senior year, Lyrical Lemonade was started as a blog. He used the blog to tell the stories about small music acts happened or happening in the city of Chicago. Daily he wrote the blog where he contributes about five articles per day. Once graduated from high school, Cole Bennett moves to the city of Chicago to pursue his college education.

He completed the major in Digital Cinema and graduated with a degree from DePaul University. However, this course was not aligned with his interest in music, and this is what he does not expect. In other words, this degree became one of the most significant barriers in his music-creating passion. Eventually, he decided to drop-off the college in his sophomore year and concentrated all his energy and enthusiasm to Lyrical Lemonade.  And to date, he does not regret his decision.

Meanwhile, the amount of duration he was in the college he already gained his position in the Chicago music community as he never stopped making videos for the local artists. He is even known for building the host of ciphers where people and artists were just connected. It was his way to ensure that everyone shares information and stays updated.

His passion and hard work paid off, and his big break came with video working it by Soulja Boy. He performed the animation in the video, which made him famous. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he learned most of the skills in video making with YouTube Tutorials. Another major break he received in his career is working with the famous rapper Dex. With he worked on fifteen videos including Hit Em Wit It that garnered more than 15 million views. Other musicians with whom he worked include, Han Vader, Comethazine, Wiz Khalifa, Warhol, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp.

Indeed, Lyrical Lemonade grew and became bigger from a blog site to small business site. Website’s daily affairs are taken care of by Cole’s friend Elliot Montanez. The website also sells some merchandise, including water bottles, hoodies, lighters, and t-shirts. Lyrical lemonade also marked its presence on YouTube as a channel with 1.7 billion views and 5.8 million subscribers since its joining date, which was 2013 of March 23rd. It has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and over 2.5 million followers on Twitter. Cole is also a favorite social media star with a huge fan following. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter.

Net Worth of Cole Bennet

This young music director, Cole Bennet net worth is $1.5 million according to Forbes’s list. Keeping in mind his myriad of creative outlets in the business of Lyrical Lemonade, this figure is not surprising. As he follows making interesting and engaging videos, we are sure that this figure is set to rise exponentially shortly.

Interesting Facts about Cole Bennett and Family Details

For many years, the videos Cole done and successfully submitted are done at his mother’s house. This shows how supportive his mother is, and she contributed much to Cole’s success today.

In the year 2016 of April, his sister gifted him something special related to his passion, which pushed him further to grow in his career of music. She gifted him a trip to Coachella which he immediately took as an opportunity and turned it into networking event. There he met with artists like SmokePurpp, Stitches and Lil Pump. He went on to do serious business with them and became the host of others. This shows the overall support he received from his family to pursue his passion and carve a successful career out of it.

According to Cole’s birthday, his birth sign in Taurus. However, there is no information available about his love life so far. In this regard, there is only one name that surfaces mostly Lane Marie, who is a photographer and once he dated her. He shared one picture of both of them captioning it as in a relationship with the blondie pictured above. He also regarded her as his “ride or die.”

This was all about this young music creator Cole Bennet. We hope that you enjoyed reading about Cole here from his personal life to professional details.

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