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Is Emilia Clarke Dating or Married? Who Is Her Boyfriend, Brother, & Husband?

Emilia Clarke is the top-ranked and one of the highest-paid an English-actress in the TV industry is known for her iconic role as Khaleesi in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Her recent applauding success in the commercial and acting world has made the star a famous international figure that everyone wants to learn about her. While many actresses try to keep their personal lives under wraps from the media, but for Emilia Clarke, there is no hiding place since the year 2011 when her popularity exploded for her role in GOT. Since her reputation as Khaleesi in GOT, media is after her.

Is Emilia Clarke Dating or Married? Who is her Husband?

As far as the details about Emilia Clarke go, she was never married but something is exciting is about her dating history. In this comprehensive blog, we will provide you all the details you would like to know about Emilia Clarke’s boyfriends. Before we jump on her love interests, let’s have a quick overview of her personal and professional life.

Emilia Clarke, the famous face on HBO’s series “Game of Thrones,” has revealed in one of her interviews that her role in the series made her realize and enlightened her the place of the woman in the modern society. Though the story revolves in a different era and purely an art of fiction, she thinks that experiences and circumstances in the story also have its presence in modern-day society. In she admired the character of “Khaleesi” has relations with real-world women as well. According to her, playing her role in GOT gave her the confidence and proud to be considered as the inspiration for both women and young girls. In general, the Khaleesi’s role is more than just somebody’s girlfriend and wife.

One of the applauding transitions of Emilia Clarke’s character as Khaleesi in GOT is from the fearful and timid girl to utterly powerful, brave, and strong woman. For her real-world fans, this transition was, and that is how they want to see and pursue and love to see more of. Keeping aside all the painful experiences and hatred the character has gone through during the GOT series, she endures all and evolves as a better and bigger person. According to her character Khaleesi, while love and compassion are not a mandatory weakness for women, there must be a borrowing of “iron will” to work and evolve oneself, be independent, and have a stand for the betterment of the people and society.

Emilia Clarke always believed that women should not be exploited in any way, be it professional, family, or even for love. Their emotions should not have toyed. Simultaneously, it is always the call of a woman to take the stand for herself and call it to quit when in an abusive relationship and should fight for her psychological freedom. Keeping in mind all her statements about her character as Khaleesi, it is summarised that Emilia Clarke believes that it is always a place for a woman to decide when to opt-out of a toxic relationship and when to give love or accept one.

Though, we are not sure if that is the same perception Emilia Clarke in her personal life specifically when it comes to her dating life. However, it is apparent that the star recognized herself as a feminist. In the year 2017, the actress in Huffington Post published an op-ed on the occasion of International Women’s Day, where she shared and stressed her perspective on gender equality and feminism.

Emilia Clarke has been romantically linked or involved to at least (so far, we know) four handsome actors. Among these four few were her co-stars and work buddies with whom she has done a few projects in the past.

Starting from her first boyfriend, who is publicly known is Seth MacFarlane. In the year 2012, the two started dating each other, but a few months later, they parted their ways. If you remember the famous animated TV series, The Family Gut Seth is brilliant for that particular series. Since he was Emilia Clarke’s first publicly known boyfriend and Seth newly found fame pulled a lot of media attention. Even after the split, the two still maintain a good relationship. Later, while Emilia Clarke was performing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Broadway in the year 2013 at the CortTheater there, she met Cory Michael and started dating. Both kicked off their romance immediately after they met, but things went south, and they broke up soon after a few dates.

In the year 2015 when Emilia Clarke started Terminated Genisys alongside Jai Courtney and Arnold Schwarzenegger who also becomes her boyfriend. However, their relationship was also short-lived. Even in one of the current news, it is reported that she dated James Franco, and the details never got confirmed from any source. As much as she is part of the online and offline media with one of the highest-grossing tv-series GOT, Emilia Clarke has never been revealing about her personal life and her love interests. She is currently not engaged neither dating anyone, but much focussed in her career and involved with many upcoming projects.

Mysterious Brother of Emilia Clarke

Keeping the details in mind about her personal life, there is not much information available specifically about her brother. However, we know that she has an unnamed brother who studied politics. There are no names or pictures that can reveal details about her brother. On the other hand, there was also a coincidence as there is Australian actor Jason Clarke. Both the actors share a common surname, and they even worked together in a movie called “Terminator: Genisys.”

Well, this was all about Emilia Clarke that we mentioned here. Since GOT bid goodbye with its last episode but the character of Khaleesi will always be remembered and so the actress’s contribution in making her character stronger.

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