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The Many Facets of a Financial Adviser

The world of financial advice and planning can seem a little mysterious to a newcomer; there are many different services that a financial adviser would offer, which we outline in this short article. Investors typically hire financial advisers to manage their portfolios and as there is an element of risk with every type of investment, it makes sense to seek out the advice of finance professionals who are in touch with the markets.

Facets of a Financial Adviser

Here are some of the specialised services that a financial adviser would offer their clients.

  • Wealth generation – Private investors seek out finance professionals to help them generate wealth by making the right investments. Check out this state-of-the-art analytics platform for financial advisers from a leading online hub, which is used by leading financial advisers.
  • Wealth protection – Wealthy people are always looking for ways to protect their wealth and this can be achieved by setting up trusts. Hedge funds are popular investment options and any good financial adviser would be well-versed in this department. Some investment strategies are riskier than others and the adviser has a lot of experience and can provide you with sound advice.
  • Having children – When you become a parent, a heap of responsibility lands on your shoulders and this is a good time to sit down with a finance professional and draw up a plan that ensures your child has access to the best education; if you have yet to write a will, this is a good time to put pen to paper and leave specific instructions regarding the distribution of your estate.
  • Retirement planning – It is wise to plan for your retirement as early as 30 years old and with the help of an experienced financial adviser, you can create a realistic plan to generate sufficient wealth to ensure a secure retirement. Some people don’t start thinking about their retirement until they reach the age of 50 and that’s OK; better late than never!
  • Taxation planning – Businesses need specialist advice in order to minimise taxes and in the corporate world, this can be very complex, requiring specialised taxation consultants that have experience dealing with multiple nations. Click here for tips on dealing in gold during the digital age.
  • Recommending financial products – Of course, a financial adviser would have associations with many finance companies and other institutions; some say you are better off approaching an independent financial adviser, one that has no ties to any specific institutions and can therefore provide unbiased advice.
  • Estate planning – Another critical aspect of a financial adviser’s role would be estate planning. A person with considerable wealth would wish to protect their estate and minimise inheritance tax, which is why they would need a legal expert with hands-on experience in estate planning. Laws are subject to change, as are a person’s circumstances and in such cases, it might be prudent to make some changes to your estate to protect the inheritance.
  • Portfolio management – Some financial advisers stick to investments and manage large portfolios on behalf of clients. A successful adviser can build an impressive client list, as this is a performance-based sector and reputation is everything; it takes many years to earn a good reputation, which could be lost in a single day.
  • Hedge fund management – Some financial advisers work exclusively with hedge funds, managing billions of dollars, which is a huge responsibility and this is high-pressure territory. In times of economic volatility, the adviser might be very busy keeping their ear to the ground, looking for any signs of market movement.
  • Financial goal setting – A family man who has disposable income might benefit from sitting down with a financial adviser and setting a few financial goals that will help reach a level of financial security. Another good time to think about setting investment goals is when you have finished paying your mortgage, as you have a significant amount of money per month that can be allocated to investments.

Sourcing a financial adviser

Google is your best friend and can quickly put you in touch with a certified financial adviser, a professional who would be happy to share a Zoom call to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you might know someone who can recommend the services of a financial adviser; word of mouth has more weight than advertising, as there is a personal connection. If you have a friend who is in a similar situation to you regarding finances or investment, they may have already found a good local financial adviser, which saves you the trouble. A small commission might be paid for a large referral, that’s the way the world works.

Whatever the reasons for seeking financial advice, the Internet hosts a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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