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What are the causes of sharp breast pain?

Breast pain is a common concern now a day amongst the women. There are different causes of breast pain, pain in breast starts with a concern of having breast concern or cyst formation. The pain may persist for long. It can be an acute pain or a chronic pain. The breast pain can exist in the women of all ages. The causes of sharp breast pain may be with respect to infection or attack of any other infectious constraint. The causes of sharp pain can be known from various constraints and know the causes can only help in getting relief from the same.

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The symptoms, causes and treatment of sharp breast pain are listed below.

Any disease or any pain is a discomfort for us, our body system. The pain must not be ignored. 

Symptoms related to sharp breast pain

There can be ‘n’ number of symptoms related to sharp breast pain, symptoms must not be unseen as it is the first step which makes you aware about the disease and accordingly you can prevent it.

  • The pain is cyclical pain or non- cyclical pain.
  • The breast becomes pale and sore.
  • There is a swelling in breasts.
  • The breast size fluctuates and can spread itself near to the underarm.
  • During the regular menstrual cycle or before 2-3 days of periods, the breast pain becomes more potent, harsh and strong.
  • Sometimes we persist pain in one side of the breast, rightly called as non-cyclical breast pain.
  • Redness on the outer surface of the breast.
  • The pain becomes very harsh for mothers just after post pregnancy while breastfeeding.
  • Pain in other mammary glands.
  • Some women feel or undergoes through burning pain and sensation.
  • Discharge of blood from the nipple.
  • Problem related to airway causes.

Causes related to sharp breast pain

The causes related to sharp breast pain are listed below:

         Stress, anxiety and depression– Approximately 75 per cent of Indians are affected by depression related problems, the depression not only harms our brain but the body parts as well and our mammary glands get affected badly causing cyclical or non-cyclical sharp breast pain.

         Breast cancer– Cancer itself is a dangerous word. Breast cancer has different stages. Breast cancer leads to lumps and change in the size of the breast. The women undergo a variety of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which cause sharp breast pain. After lungs cancer in women, breast cancer is most likely to be affected.

         Breast Cysts- Cysts acts as the parasite that makes a home in our body or mostly in the mammary glands, it forms different small bacteria in the mammary gland and makes the pain high and vigorous. A breast cyst can be solid or filled with fluid. It is firmed and there can be more than one cyst. This symptom makes the breast swell causing sharp breast pain.

         Alcohol and cigarettes addict– There is a certain individual who is drugs, alcohol and cigarettes addicted and consume it on a daily basis. It not only affects the lungs and liver but highly affects the mammary glands like a breast. The unwanted air what we inhale or the toxic what we drink gets accumulate and churns the body with unwanted virus and bacteria. This bacterium creates infection and affects the breasts like swelling of breasts under the armpit, redness in the outer area of the breast and the individual get prone to illness, which results in sharp breast pain.

         Breast Surgery- There are certain individuals who may have undergone certain physical tests or any breast-related surgery can have some effects, which fluctuates in terms of pain. The breast-related problem like swelling and formation of lumps, effect of radiation makes some after effect and these problems result in sharp breast pain.

         Diet Plan- Our health depends upon our daily diet plan, everyday food intake. Sometimes diet plan affects our health, In this case, mammary glands like breast get affected. Intake of more amounts of tea and coffee makes the mammary (breast) gland weak and affects the cells. This type of diet plan cause enlargement of the breast along with causing pain in the breast.

         Fracture in Rib- Minor accidents or getting a fracture in the rib bones may have some mammary glands such as breastbone related issues. This can be a cause for sharp breast pain.

         Medications- We often undergo the variety of medications, if there is a little pain in our body, we quickly intake certain painkiller. This painkiller does have side effects and affect the breast bones causing pain in the breast.

Treatment-related to sharp breast pain

         During day hours, always opt for a well and shaped comfortable bra.

         While sleeping it is recommended not to wear bras if you are uncomfortable you can switch for night bras.

         Consulting a physician, he/she will examine and will take forward towards the diagnosis and tests including biopsy and ultrasound.

         It is highly advisable or recommended to keep a balance in birth control pills.

         You need to keep calendar dates update of your menstrual cycle.

         Focus more on the foods that contain vitamin E or your diet plan should include more amount of vitamin E; this will reduce and prevent breast pain.


 The breast pain starts from a little area or part of the breast and it gets spread causing pain in the breast as well as on other organs as well. You need to opt for pain killers and medicines only under the observation of doctor and his/her prescription. But we should also know that all the factors related to cause of sharp breast pain is not equivalent to breast cancer.

The causes of sharp breast pain are not common, it may be because of one or two reasons mentioned above. The hormonal changes now a day is a sole cause of sharp breast pain.

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