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What Is Vehicle Routing Software?

Whether it’s a few drivers doing local deliveries or a complete fleet of cargo vans, the cost of making deliveries is a significant expense for delivery teams. If you’re providing business cars or allowing mileage reimbursements, you’ll also have to pay for the cost of gasoline, vehicle upkeep, and your delivery drivers.

Using Route4Me transport routing software is an excellent way to save your business money. Using vehicle routing software, your delivery routes may be optimized so that your drivers get to their destinations as soon as feasible.

No matter how little or big, every business may benefit from vehicle routing software, regardless of size or range. Using the software in this manner will prove to be beneficial.

Reduce route planning time and plan ahead

Every day might take a lot of time to organize and reorganize schedules, shifts, people, appointments, and deliveries if you use paper, pen, and spreadsheets to plan your route.

Time is a valuable resource. Moreover, you can’t afford to spend much time merely making plans.

You can create and arrange routes in minutes using car routing software. You must do a few steps before you can begin optimizing your program. It’s done!

When using the delivery route planner, drivers may be assigned to optimal routes that are automatically generated. Deliveries may be planned up to a year in advance using advanced scheduling software like Route4Me.

Long-term planning lets you see where your company may expand and scale its activities.

Ensure Customer Retention

Keep as many consumers as possible to lower client acquisition costs and boost your brand’s image and profitability.

According to Bain and Company, a 5% improvement in client retention may raise your profit margin by 25%.

Keeping customers is easy. Improve client retention by delivering on-time deliveries (aided by truck routing software).

Also, be upfront about delivery status. Route4Me’s customer alerting tool lets you retain consumer openness. It notifies consumers through SMS and email when their shipment is out for delivery.

Save Fuel

Logistics firms have a tighter profit margin due to the increasing fuel cost. Using a multi-stop route planner is possible to keep gasoline costs down.

Map route planners like Route4Me’s let you create fuel-efficient routes to maximize the number of stops you can make without wasting gas.

Also included is a reporting and analytics capability that allows you to track fuel expenditures and take the required steps to keep prices down.

You may also specify gasoline prices for various kinds of petrol in a particular location to accurately monitor your spending. You may leverage the analytics data to teach your drivers about fuel-saving practices.

You may also use Route4Me’s GPS monitoring to ensure drivers do not break the speed limit or take a bit longer routes needlessly, resulting in increased fuel usage.

Less carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere when less fuel is used, which is better for the environment.

Replan quickly

Route adjustments happen often. Sick drivers, last-minute cancellations, and clients requesting alternate delivery locations may derail even the best-laid plans. Manually updating several driver schedules is difficult.

When last-minute orders arrive, or a driver calls in ill, vehicle routing software distributes responsibilities somewhat based on capacity and location. You needn’t worry about surprise demands or modifications.


Customers appreciate on-time delivery, and your bottom line will benefit if your drivers use route optimization software. As a result, you may save up to 80% on planning time, driver salary, and gasoline costs.

Providing better routes and workloads may impress your employees and field service representatives. Increased sales and profitability directly result from contented consumers and productive personnel.

The days of using antiquated software are long gone. This is why cloud-based route planners are the best option for making your business more agile and responsive.

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