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Go Green or Go Home: Fashion Dos and Don’ts for St. Patrick’s Day Attire

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to dress in the spirit of the Emerald Isle. Whether you’re going to a parade, a pub crawl, or just a festive gathering with friends, your St. Patrick’s Day attire is an important part of the celebration. But, before you reach for that neon green top or oversized novelty hat, consider these fashion dos and don’ts to ensure you look stylish and sophisticated while displaying your Irish pride.

St. Patrick's Day Attire


  1. Embrace Shades of Green: Green is the color of the day, so wear it with confidence. To achieve a cohesive and eye-catching look, use different shades of green, ranging from vibrant emerald to soft mint. Whether you choose a green top, skirt, pants, or accessories, incorporating this festive color is an easy way to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.
  2. Layer with Neutrals: To avoid an overly festive look, balance out the green with neutral tones. Create a chic and sophisticated look by pairing your green pieces with classic neutrals such as white, black, gray, or navy, or you can see here some colors that go with green. This will help anchor your outfit and prevent it from feeling too overwhelming.
  3. Accessorize with Irish-Inspired Details: Wear jewelry with shamrocks, Celtic knots, or Claddagh symbols to honor Ireland’s rich heritage, that you can find right here- https://www.shamrockgift.com/st-patricks-day-gifts . To add a festive touch, include scarves, hats, or handbags with traditional Irish patterns or motifs.
  4. Choose Comfortable Footwear: Whether attending parades, dancing at parties, or exploring the city, wear comfortable footwear. Choose shoes that are comfortable to walk and stand in for long periods, such as flats, sneakers, or low-heeled boots. This will allow you to enjoy the festivities without feeling uncomfortable or having blisters slow you down.
  5. Mix and Match Textures: To add visual interest to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit, mix and match various textures and fabrics. Consider wearing a chunky knit sweater with a flowy chiffon skirt, or a velvet blazer over a silky blouse. Mixing textures not only adds dimension to your outfit, but it also creates a dynamic and visually appealing appearance.


  1. Steer Clear of Overly Novelty Items: While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun, it’s important to avoid wearing items that detract from your overall look. Avoid wearing oversized hats, flashy accessories, or slogan t-shirts with funny sayings. Instead, choose subtle and tasteful holiday-themed accents that complement rather than overpower your outfit.
  2. Don’t Forget About Fit: When selecting St. Patrick’s Day attire, consider the fit and silhouette to ensure it flatters your figure. Avoid wearing clothing that is too baggy or ill-fitting, as this can overwhelm your frame or make you appear sloppy. Instead, choose tailored and well-fitted pieces to highlight your shape and create a polished, put-together appearance.
  3. Limit Glitter and Sequins: Although a touch of sparkle can add glamor to your St. Patrick’s Day outfit, it should be used lightly. Avoid going overboard with glitter, sequins, or metallic embellishments, as they can make your outfit look more like New Year’s Eve than St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, use subtle shimmer or metallic accents to add a touch of elegance without overpowering your look.
  4. Avoid Cultural Appropriation: Respect Irish culture and traditions when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Avoid wearing clothing or accessories that reflect or caricature Irish culture, such as leprechaun costumes or offensive stereotypes. Instead, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with authenticity and pride in Ireland’s rich heritage and history.

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