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How Physical Therapy Can Help Athletes in Season Off Season

Athletes work hard to perform their best, and not all of that effort is related to training. Both amateur and professional athletes understand that there are additional modalities that help them compete, recover faster, and prevent injuries. Physical therapy in Bellingham is one strategy that benefits athletes both in season and off season.

What Does Sports PT Look Like

Sports physical therapy focuses on helping athletes thrive both on and off the field. Each athlete’s needs are different, so PT sessions vary widely based on each individual. During the initial assessment, the physical therapist will discuss the athlete’s medical history, specific sport, and goals. After an exam, the physical therapist designs a personalized plan to help athletes achieve their goals.

Sports physical therapy may encompass a variety of methods:

  • Injury treatment
  • Re-education exercise programs
  • Quick injury recovery
  • Skills training
  • Ergonomic training

Physical therapy in Redmond typically consists of a series of sessions, and it may require that the athlete do some exercises or rehabilitation at home.

How It Can Benefit You On & Off the Field

Some may think that sports physical therapy is used only during one’s season. However, just as it is important that athletes continue to train during the off season, physical therapy can help athletes in various ways, whether or not they are on the field.

Faster Recovery From Trainings

Sports training is intense, and it can take a while for athletes to fully bounce back. There are numerous methods that physical therapy offers that speed up this recovery process. From cold therapy to manual therapy, there are ways to alleviate sore and tight muscles.

There are also specialty training assistive devices, such as the anti-gravity treadmill, that reduces strain on the body while allowing athletes to improve their abilities.

Better Athletic Performance

If athletes want to perform better in their sport, the physical therapist will design a plan that focuses on improving:

  • Speed
  • Explosiveness
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Balance

These may be accomplished through lifting weights, core exercises, agility training, and other strategies.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

One of the main reasons athletes seek out physical therapy in Puyallup, WA is for injury treatment. Some common injuries sustained by athletes include knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, foot, and elbow injuries.

Physical therapists are trained to treat a wide variety of injuries, and they can get the athletes back to functioning normally. If an athlete had surgery for an injury, physical therapy is great for post-surgery recovery.

Along with treating injuries, physical therapists also focus on injury prevention, which is important for athletes. For athletes who frequently do repetitive moves, such as golfers and tennis players, a PT may focus on ergonomics to reduce the chance of injury.

For other athletes, physical therapists may find areas of weakness and work on strengthening those areas via various exercises. Working on engaging the core and additional strategies are also addressed.

Athletes can do a lot to improve their performance and reduce the chance of injuries. Physical therapy is something that athletes can use while playing, and during the off season, to keep them in tip-top shape.

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