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11 Must-Haves For The Trendy Woman

Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe before going out wondering what to wear or how to style, then thinking if you need to buy new clothes? It is an expensive and time-consuming task. Not to worry, we believe all of us have been in that position numerous times.

The Fashion industry thrives on people like us having to spend again and again on accessories we want. However, there are ways for you to invest smartly in must-have items that can change your dressing game.

We have compiled a list of all must-have timeless accessories and some things that you can always count on.

11 Must-Haves For The Trendy Woman

1. A Classic Black Blazer

An ordinary casual outfit can be transformed by just the addition of a black blazer. Whether it’s a date or a first interview, this piece will be your go-to. Although when buying a blazer, an essential tip is that it should have enough room under the shoulders and arms so that you can wear it over other items.

Further, the length of the sleeves should not exceed your wrist and can be rolled up to your elbows with ease.

2. Boyfriend Jeans

Jealous of your boyfriend or husband’s jeans? We’ve all been there, especially if you are a curvy woman. The perfect solution is boyfriend jeans that are curated especially for plus-size females to be highly comfortable.

To style your plus size boyfriend jeans for a casual lunch or running errands, pair them up with your favorite t-shirt, throw a kimono over, or a cardigan over it. For a more formal look, style up these jeans with a flirty, figure-flattering top and finish the look with your favorite heels.

3. Lightweight Cardigan Sweater

This one piece of clothing is often overlooked and its importance understated; a cardigan. It serves a wide variety of purposes where you can use it to make your outfit overall cuter or protect you against the wind on a chilly night.

The best part is that cardigans from Vibe Clothing Company come in different lengths, colors, textures, and styles.

4. Button-down white shirt

Custom fitted dress shirts can never be wrong for any occasion because of the multitude of ways that you can style it. You can tuck it in for a formal look, leave it out for a casual, or you can even style an oversized one with a belt and make it look like a dress.

This is one piece of comfortable and multifunctional clothing, which can never go out of style on any occasion.

5. Timeless black dress

A little black dress adds an oomph factor to your wardrobe and is a must-have item. You need to find one black dress that fits you like a glove and can be used on any occasion where you don’t want to make too much effort.

The best part? Black dresses are timeless outfits that never go out of fashion. They come in all sorts of different cuts and lengths, so find one that highlights your curves and looks elegant on you. If it’s black, you’ll look like a million bucks.

6. Neutral flats

Having the proper footwear is just as important as the right fitted dress and adds the finishing look to any outfit. When it comes to it, though, the best thing to do is forget all colors. If you want to invest in suitable footwear, the best thing is to buy nude-colored flats, whether sandals or ballets.

These shoes you can pair up with anything, whether it is your little black dress or bright pink sweater.

7. Comfortable black heels

With a pair of flats, it is also essential to own a pair of comfortable heels. The inherent power to transform your entire outfit lies in your heels. Whether your first day at work or attending a party, these heels will look incredibly chic.

Furthermore, the reason for them being black is that it will go with all kinds of outfits without you having to worry about coordinating color. Here’s a tip: if you are looking to invest, then invest in patent leather because those heels will last you a lifetime

8. Everyday tote bag

Whether you’re going to work every morning or going out shopping, you need a tote bag that carries all your essentials. A tote bag is a must-have to carry your laptop, wallet, and makeup pouch.

Further, totes are also long-lasting and durable, so investing in one will be worth the while.

9. Small shoulder bag

A tote is more comfortable for your everyday use, but an essential item that you must have is a sleek shoulder bag too. When you’re going on a dinner date or attending a party, a tote isn’t feasible; you need to replace it with another small bag that is elegant and matches your outfit.

10. Tank Tops

Another must-have for any woman is tank tops. The reason is their versatile nature in almost every scenario. Whether you wear it below a cardigan or a blazer, it amps up your look to a new level.

Moreover, when it gets hot, fill sleeve tops are not the ideal clothing, and this is where tank tops serve as the best substitute.

11. Pencil Skirts

Straight pencil skirts are ideal for office wear, where your sleek and sophisticated is paired with any formal blouse for a drool-worthy look. But have you ever seen how pencil skirts look when they are styled and worn casually? You can buy them in solid or in varying colors and textures. Moreover, style them up with tank tops or graphic t-shirts depending on where you are going

Wrapping Up

There you go, a perfect round-up of all the must-haves that you should have in your wardrobe. Whether it is a black blazer that you can use for work or dinners or the plus-size boyfriend jeans that are comfortable yet trendy, these items are what you need.

This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy all these items now. This piece will always serve as a guide for sharing it with your friends when you need it.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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