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Converting Word Files to PDF Document: 6 Reasons To Convert

When writing reports or essays for school or work, you usually have Word files as your go-to file format. MS Word and Google Docs are the most popular word processors, after all. But you’ll find that there’s a need to convert these Word documents to PDF (or Portable Document Format) when you have to send information like bills or reading handouts. The reason for this is that Word documents can be altered or tampered with, while PDF files can’t. There are also a lot of viable reasons for converting your Word to PDF, so in this article, we’ll be giving five most common reasons. So here are the reasons to find out more!

Conversion with a little help from PDFBear

Before we dive into the most common reasons for converting Word to PDF, we’d like to first introduce you to our top choice for the best file converter tool, PDFBear. So what is PDFBear? It’s an online software-as-a-service (or SaaS) tool that you can use to convert different files to PDF and vice versa. You’ll be happy to know that PDFBear is free to use and you won’t need any additional app downloads or plug-ins to use the website. Also, PDFBear’s user interface is easily navigable because everything is laid out neatly. You can find what you’re looking for without hassle or wasting time. And you will get conversion results in just a few seconds upon uploading. It’s so simple and easy to use, which is why it’s our top pick for the best online converter! So, now that we’ve covered what PDFBear is, let’s get into the five most common reasons for converting Word files to PDF format.

PDF files work on almost all mobile devices

Since we now revolve around the use of mobile gadgets, it’s good to have formats that can be read directly on smartphones and tablets. One of the biggest reasons for converting Word to PDF is because it can be easily accessible on mobile devices. Usually, there is no need for another app to read PDF files because you can directly read it upon downloading or opening the PDF document. With Word files, you may need a special app that has to be bought since it needs support from Microsoft.

Word files change their formatting

One of the usual problems with MS Word or other Word processors is that they usually reformat their documents when opened on a different device. Sometimes, even if you’re using the same device but with a different printer, you’ll end up with a printed file that’s been reformatted. So, in order for you to make sure that your document always looks the same, it’s best to convert .doc or .docx files to .pdf.

Mismatched references

Your table of contents on a Word document can look messy when opened on a different device. The reason for this is that page numbers can alter in long documents. For report writers and eBooks (or electronic books), this can be a big issue. So to resolve this problem, turning the Word files into PDF format is your best bet.

Different versions of MS Word

When you want to open the old version of the MS Word software, it won’t be able to properly open new files in older versions. However, with PDF file formats, you can access it on any version, old or new, without worries.

Different Word Processors

There are so many Word processors out there, other than just MS Word. So, the problem is that some people you’re sending Word files to may not have the specific software installed. But with PDF files, it’s universal and can be accessed on different software other than the usual Adobe PDF Reader. So, to make your Word document readable or accessible by almost anyone, it’s best to have it converted to PDF format.

Go on, convert it!

And those are the top five most common reasons for converting Word files to PDF format. With the list we’ve given, it’s much easier and convenient to have your files in PDF because not only will you save yourself and your recipients a lot of time and hassle, but you’re also saving disk space. PDF files usually take up less disk space compared to longer Word files, so it’s faster to save or send. We hope our article helps you out with your next documents and with the help of PDFBear, you need not look any further for the best converter tools. There’s also a lot more you can do with PDFBear, so it’s definitely going to be one of your go-to tools for all your different document needs. So, try it out for yourself and never endure the hassle of file conversion again. It’s a great tool and you’ll get a lot of use from it. Once you use it, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using it sooner.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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