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7 Steps on How to Produce Window Mannequins

A mannequin is simply a plastic doll used by tailors and others in the clothing sector to display their wares. They are also used in the health sector for teaching students the art of applying first aid treatment to patients.

How To Produce Mannequins

There are different steps in the production of mannequins. These are:

Research: This is the first step in the production of a mannequin. There will be extensive research on the international fashion world to see what is in vogue and what type of mannequin will fit the need of those who are stakeholders in the fashion world.

Creation: After the research has been concluded, the result will be analyzed so as to be able to sketch the mannequin and also to develop the materials needed to produce the mannequin that will match the sketch. The right color combinations to be used are developed here too.

The next step is for those in the sculpture department to use plasticine to develop the prototype already sketched. 3D scanners are used to develop other features of the mannequin-like positions as well as its movements.

Following the design, the prototype is scanned and downloaded on powerful machines that are used for milling. These machines are controlled numerically and are used to create prints that are aluminum in nature. These prints are used to make parts of the machine alive, such as making the legs movable and make the head rotate.

The prints that are produced by the machines that are used for milling are then taken to the tables that will automatically polish and refine the products to give them the smooth touch that mannequins are known for. They are then taken to where they will be painted, get their hairs personalized, and have make-up applied to them. This is where the final touches will be put to them before they are taken for testing.

The final step is to test the products whether they are produced to meet the specifications that are given. If they are found not to be defective and up to standard, they will be packaged inbox for shipment to various parts of the world where these window mannequins are needed.

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Any metals that are scrapped are returned to the production department for use as these metal scraps still maintain their quality.

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