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How to Choose the Perfect Mailbox for Your Home

Mail can contain sensitive information. If you don’t take care of yours then it could fall into the wrong hands. Theft from people’s mailboxes has never been more common than it is today. On an almost daily basis, people have their parcels and letters stolen from outside their houses.

You need to make sure that your mailbox is both secure and attractive. Installing something outside of your house that doesn’t look good can ruin your home’s façade.

This post will tell you how you can choose the perfect mailbox for your home:

Perfect Mailbox for Your Home

Personalised Mailbox

Do you want the postman to be able to find your house? If the answer’s yes (which it is) then make sure that you personalise your mailbox. Investing in a personalised mailbox will prevent the postal service from misplacing parcels or delivering them to the wrong addresses. Even in neighborhoods and on streets where the houses are numbered it is not uncommon for parcels and letters to be misdelivered. A personalised mailbox will prevent this from happening as there is no way the postal service will be able to miss your address.

Commissioning a personalised mailbox isn’t going to be cheap, to be honest. However, while it is not going to be cheap it is nonetheless still something worth considering and exploring. Make sure that you do not try and cut costs when it comes to your custom mailbox, as you need it to be the best that it can be.

The better it is, the less likely it is that people will be able to break into it to steal your parcels. A robust mailbox is essential and under no circumstances should you buy one that is not.

Considering Security

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, security is something that you need to take very seriously. Unfortunately, mailbox thefts are on the rise. Thefts of mail or parcels from outside people’s houses are a lot more common than mailbox thefts though. Investing in a robust, durable mailbox will deter criminals and prevent them from being able to walk right up to your front door and steal parcels from your porch. Security is something you always need to think about concerning your mail, even if you do not get a lot of it or do not make a habit of ordering parcels.

In addition to investing in a robust mailbox, you should also buy yourself cameras. Buying cameras and putting them outside your house will help to deter criminals further. An alternative to actual CCTV cameras is a doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras are widely available and very affordable.

As long as you include your porch in your camera’s permitter then you will be able to capture video footage of anybody that approaches your door. Doorbell cameras are a great investment and a fantastic way to protect yourself from fraud and crime (both of which are, sadly, on the rise).

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic design is of course another consideration that you need to make. A lot of people overlook design when it comes to choosing a mailbox, picking the most secure one or the cheapest. If your house’s façade has been painstakingly decorated then you need to make sure your mailbox reflects the care and attention that has gone into it.

Traditional red mailboxes are very popular and look great. However, if you do not like the boldness of the color red then a painted black mailbox can look very good too. You could even use an Ikat pattern to decorate your mailbox if you want to be creative.

If you are unsure about what would suit your home’s exterior then get in touch with the company you plan on buying the mailbox from. Instead of struggling to find a mailbox yourself, enlist a professional’s help. If you send photographs to the company of the front of your house then they should be able to help you pick one. If you have budgetary constraints then tell them this so that they can tailor their recommendations to your budget and avoid suggesting anything that is unaffordable or on the verge of being unaffordable.

Perfect Mailbox for Your Home

Size and Positioning

Size and positioning are two other things that you need to think about. In terms of size, pick a mailbox that suits the amount of mail you are going to get. If you never receive mail then it’s unwise to buy a large mailbox.

That being said, if you do not have a large one and you do begin ordering parcels, they could end up being left on your doorstep and would then be at risk of being stolen. Buy a mailbox that is sized appropriately. Only you know your circumstances and what is appropriate for you.

Positioning is something else you should give some thought to. It does need to be noted though, positioning isn’t something that the company that you buy your mailbox from can help you with, it’s something you need to think about alone.

Where on your property are you going to put your mailbox? If you are going to place it in your front garden or by your front door, make sure that it is placed somewhere where it will not get in the way. If it gets in the way then it will stop you from making the most of it and may even cause you to bump into it.

Accommodating Parcels

Further to the previous section, if you are going to buy a small mailbox then think about where your parcels are going to go if you have any delivered. If you do not accommodate parcels when buying a mailbox then there is a chance (however small) that your parcels could be stolen. If parcels are stolen from you, you could lose money. Nobody wants to lose money which is why you should try and invest as much as you can into getting a mailbox that is the right size.

Choosing the perfect mailbox for your home is not easy. If you are planning on buying one, think about the things mentioned here. The tips given in this post will help you to find a mailbox that is right for you and your family.

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