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Are You a Victim of a Hex? Here Are Some Signs to Know

Even if you strive to be a good person who tries not to hurt anybody, you cannot escape a hex. Some people may hold an imagined slight or a grudge. They might be envious of what you have. These may be previous girlfriends or boyfriends of your partner now.

It is essential to differentiate a hex from a curse. A hex is intentional, cast by somebody who has an intimate knowledge of witchcraft. A curse, meanwhile, may not be deliberate. In the right conditions, you can place a curse on a person even without meaning to. Such is the power of words and emotions. A black magic healer can remove both the hex and the curse.


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It is difficult to know if you have been hexed or cursed, especially if you have no prior experience with these things. Even if you do not understand what is happening to you, you attempt to attribute it to bad luck.

But things will not get better. You will continue on your downward trajectory unless a black magic healer lifts the hex or curse.

Here are some hints that you may be hexed or cursed:

  1. Your pets start acting weird — Do you see your pets suddenly becoming afraid around the house? They act like they are always scared. They are even hesitant to come near you. When a person is hexed, a dark cloud or even entities will lurk around you. Animals are more sensitive to these things, so they can sense that there is something wrong.
  2. Unhealthy relationship — Do you feel like your relationship is turning for the worse without any trigger? Your partner suddenly becomes violent toward you, lashes out in anger even if you did not do anything. If you cannot explain the sudden changes in your partner, you may get cursed by an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. They have the motivation to see your relationship fail so they can swoop in as a replacement.
  3. Financial troubles — Another sign you may be cursed is when your very successful business suddenly fails. Likewise, it is not easy to point a single factor that would explain the failure. In most cases, you would experience some weird incidents or accidents at work that precipitated the event.
  4. Stumbling upon animals that are not common — Do you hear crows and owls around your property often? If you see them every day, then you can chalk it up to natural occurrence. However, if you have not seen one in your life and suddenly, they seem to stalk you, then you might be a victim of a curse. In the same vein, if you see ants appearing out of nowhere and they clump in large numbers to a particular spot in your house, better call a black magic healer now.
  5. Health problems — You are leading a healthy lifestyle and have not visited a doctor even once in your life. If you suddenly experience diseases and health conditions, maybe there is something supernatural at work. Some of these health conditions can put your life at risk. Even if that was not the intention of the enemy, sometimes they cannot control the hex once it is out of the bottle.

These are just some signs that you might be a victim of a hex or a curse. The worst thing you can do is to dismiss the events as nothing more than a series of coincidences. If you do not do something, your situation will only get worse.

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