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6 Things to Bring Along For a Comfortable Hospital Stay

Going to a hospital is an overwhelming process. Even if you are getting admitted to the most renowned and well-equipped hospital, you have to admit they are inherently stressful places. If you ask anybody, they would not want to go to a hospital, even with the anticipation of getting good news such as childbirth. The fear of the unknown can even rattle people with strong mental strength. On top of that, not having all the stuff that can make your stay in the hospital more comfortable makes it even more difficult for patients.

Whether you are planning for surgery, childbirth, or going to the hospital for a lengthy inpatient procedure, you must spend some time deciding what you have to pack for your prolonged stay. Having all the handy stuff with you can make your stay less stressful. When you pack your bag, you have to be mindful of the things that might not be easily available in the hospital.

If you are fond of your goose-down pillow or cannot manage without your favorite blanket, be sure to have them with you. In locations such as Texas, where it is particularly difficult to afford high-quality healthcare, a hospital stay becomes even more complicated. In such places, qualified nurses can be a big relief, and they can make your stay really comfortable. The recent RN to BSN Programs Increase in Texas is welcoming news. More qualified nurses imply better patient care services and patient outcomes. It can also make hospitals more competitive and offer better care to attract more customers. But regardless of the location, if you are going to be in the hospital soon, here is what you must-have for a comfortable stay in the hospital.

Comfortable Hospital Stay

1. Comfortable clothes

If you are one of those who hate to wear hospital gowns, then your packing should start with having comfortable clothing. You may want to bring pajamas and lounging clothes with you. Also, get an inventory of undergarments enough for a week-long stay. Make sure to keep in mind the seasonal requirements when packing clothes. For instance, if it is winter, you can bring warm undershirts, loose-fit cardigans, and socks with slip-proof bottoms (you will see how comfortable they make you) and sweaters to keep you warm. You can also bring clothes for layering. Nightgowns or nightshirts are better for women.

Additionally, you can have shirts with half sleeves for invasive procedures easy penetration of intravenous lines. Don’t forget to bring a pair of sleepers to help you comfortably walk in the hospital. Apart from the clothes you will wear in the hospital, bring clothes you wear when you return home. If your stay is for childbirth, you must have a proper bag for your child. It includes the baby’s going home outfit, your breast pads, nursing bra if you intend to nurse, maxi pads, etc.

2. Everyday use toiletries

It is always better to bring your own toiletries when packing your bag for a hospital stay. You must keep your toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, or any other dental care product you use in your routine. If you use battery-operated or electric toothbrushes and prefer to use them in the hospital, bring them along. Other products include the shampoo, conditioner, or hair care product you use. Some people are fond of applying body lotions and maintaining a proper skincare regime at night; if so, bring all your favorite products. You can also bring chapsticks or hair bands. In the case of females, if putting on a little makeup makes you feel good, don’t hesitate to bring along a few basic favorites such as lipstick, mascara, etc. These things may not make your stay entirely home-like, they can still make it a little less taxing.

3. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers

Even if hospitals are the places where they maintain strict hygiene rules, there is no harm in bringing your own disinfectants, wipes, and hand sanitizers. Besides, not all hospitals that smell clean are actually clean, so you cannot take a risk. Disinfectant wipes can be very useful to keep the surfaces around you clean. During covid-19, the issue of keeping everything disinfected has become even more serious. You would never want others to get infected by you or vice versa, so better to be safe than regret it later. Things that you frequently touch in the hospital include a TV remote, bed rails, bedside table, and bathroom knob. So, make sure when you leave your bed or use anything shared among the patients, always have disinfectant wipes and sanitizer handy.

4. A small amount for the vending machine

Having a change on hand is very important for something as trivial as a quick run to the nearby vending machine. It could be to buy something for the guests or yourself, especially if you have children who frequently visit you. They will surely enjoy a quick snack from the vending machine.

5. Books and magazines

It often becomes a challenge to pass days laying on the bed; it can really stress out the patients. So, better to have a few magazines or books that you can read while relaxing in your bed or when you have downtime between medical tests and your appointment with the doctor. Want to catch up on all the novels stacked on your table waiting for you to take some time? While the occasion might not be the most fortunate, you still have a lot of time on your sleeves for a good read. Reading is a good option if you are not particularly fond of spending endless hours watching shows on the TV.

6. Cellphone, charger, and headphones

Hospitals often don’t allow the patients to bring valuable items such as laptops or tablets, but cellphone and chargers are among the basic things you should have in your hospital bad. The only way to contact your family in the hospital is through the phone, so keeping your phone charged all the time is essential. Additionally, you can also bring headphones if you are fond of listening to music in your free time. Music will also keep you distracted because too much thinking about your predicament can make you restless, not conducive to your speedy recovery.


A hospital stay is very taxing, even if it is for a short time. Having things you use in your daily life can make it less stressful. Things that you bring with you depend on what you use, and it can vary among patients. For instance, older people might need to bring hearing aids or health gears that many other patients don’t need. Similarly, some people like to spend their time binge-watching shows. For others, reading a book or a magazine is preferable. So, in the end, your hospital bag will have only those things that you need. The above-mentioned list is not strictly binding but intends to make your decision easier.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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