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3 Smart Tips To Help Maintain Grain Carts Properly

Crop farmers have plenty of tasks to accomplish every day. They need to start the day early to get the land ready for planting and then take care of the crops after the planting season. Once the crops are ready for the picking, the farmers must work fast to harvest everything so they can have it sold at the markets or deliver it to their customers as soon as possible.

For the harvesting tasks, most farmers are opting to invest in useful equipment to make their jobs faster and more convenient. One of the best tools that crop farmers start to invest in nowadays is the grain carts to help speed up their jobs and lessen their workload considerably.

Since grain carts use several moving parts to operate, the farmers need to ensure that these parts are in top shape to avoid breakdowns during the harvest season. Here are several grain cart maintenance tips that all farmers must keep in mind to prepare their tools in time for the harvest.


Tip #1: Inspect The Exterior Of The Grain Cart

After every harvesting tasks, farmers must always check their grain carts to see if there are any loose parts or unstable areas that need immediate repair. One of the first things that they must inspect is the lug nuts’ position on the cart’s wheels or the tracks.

They must also ensure that the equipment has the precise torque and accurate tire pressure, as mentioned in the operator’s manual of the grain cart. They can apply the different methods of checking a machine’s torque specifications so they can be confident about their inspection.

Tip #2: Check The Auger Flighting Diameter

Grain carts need to have an auger flighting diameter that will not go beyond an inch of the standard factory diameter. If it goes beyond that thickness, the farmers must have it replaced so they can use it to harvest their grains in the next season. If they have the right flighting diameter, they can unload their crops faster on the equipment.

It can also help improve grain quality. Also, it is crucial to keep all auger points and driveline properly lubricated. The farmers may always check out the machine’s manual to know the right ways to lubricate these parts of the grain cart.

Tip #3: Pay Attention To The Undercarriage

Since grain cartsare vital tools used frequently in farming operations, it is susceptible to wear and tear. To help keep the equipment working for a long time, farmers must exert an effort to do a thorough inspection of the undercarriage regularly.

By evaluating all the moving parts of the cart, they can identify if any areas need correction or replacement due to the extreme stress that it endured from all its operations. Aside from the repair, farmers may also consider placing a wear pad made of planting on the larger machine’s hitch to reduce the risk of wearing the drawbar over time.

These are some of the maintenance tips that all grain farmers must always remember so they can use their grain carts for a long time. They must also check if the drive belts are in peak form before using it to head to the field. If there are any signs of cracking or wear, they must be replaced right away to avoid any problems during the harvest. If they follow these tips, they can maximize their investment in buying this equipment for their grain farm.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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