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What to expect when contacting an immigration lawyer

When people hear that they need to contact immigration lawyer, they are instantly reminded of the horror stories from other people, saying that they needed an immigration lawyer because they were going to be deported soon, or their visa had issues, so they had to be detained in the immigration office until they can sort things out. Whatever situation that is, having an immigration lawyer involved means it can get messy from the get-go.

However, not every visit with an immigration lawyer always ends up in deportation or cancellation of your visa. Moreover, there are times that you need an immigration lawyer for your case for other lighter reasons. Hence, there is no need to get worried about it.

Here are some things you should know and expect when contacting an immigration lawyer for their services.


Contact Immigration Lawyer Purposes

There are other reasons you need to consult an immigration worker if you are in a foreign country. For example, aside from the apparent deportation procedure, you need to consult an immigration lawyer for cases such as bringing your family members with you to your country of residence now, either for immigration purposes or tourist reasons.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about it. Immigration lawyers are your friends and not your enemies. They will help you legally get through this for no hassles along the way.

What Happens During a Consultation with Your Immigration Lawyer?

At the onset of your meeting with an immigration lawyer, they will ask you several questions about the purpose why you are asking for their help in any immigration concern. For example, your work visa has expired, but your employer has not arranged something about it, and then you receive a letter informing you of the removal proceedings you have to face.

An immigration lawyer will ask you about the letter, what it says, and if it has any merits to it. You must tell them everything honestly and truthfully, and there is no need to lie to them. Again, they are your friends, and they will help you finish this. After telling them everything, they will tell you what usually happens to cases like yours.

It can be a hypothetical situation or an isolated case, but at least you’re well-informed. You can also use the time for the consultation to ask your lawyer questions, especially the legal jargon indicated in the letter sent to you by the government. Use your time wisely and ask them everything, including things you can do, something you should avoid, and what to do when the immigration police show up at your door.

This consultation time is a great situation when you check if you and your immigration lawyer are a good match. You can also ask them about their thoughts on your case and what to expect during the proceedings. This will help you have a prepared heart and confidence that you can use when you attend the proceedings.

You can also ask them about their years of experience because it is always a great thing to work with an immigration lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with immigration cases like yours. That means they have already unraveled the complicated knots in the immigration laws, and they can help you win your case and stay in the country much longer or bring your loved ones with you.

It is also essential to ask how much your immigration lawyer will charge you for this specific case. This is important as lawyers can charge high bills, and by knowing the charges, you would be able to budget your money accordingly without getting broke. You should also ask for retainer fees during your first consultation with the immigration lawyer.

You can also ask them about the means of communication you will use to contact each other. For example, some immigration lawyers prefer face-to-face visits, while some can work using Zoom calls or emails and text messages. This will prevent any miscommunication and, therefore, would help you and your immigration lawyer prepare your success case.

Other Things You Should Know

It would be best if you never forgot that whatever conversations you had within the immigration lawyer’s office are confidential. Therefore, you can be confident in telling them everything that can help you in winning the case.

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when contacting an immigration lawyer, but always remember that they have your best intentions in their hearts. You are safe with them, and therefore, you should do your part in telling them everything to ensure the win in your immigration case.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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