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Be Safe With Your Crypto Coins With The Help Of US Regulations


There is a surge in the usage of cryptocurrencies among people. While many have become crypto traders and earn a handsome amount, many have just heard about crypto coins, especially Bitcoin. However, their usage varies according to the country, as there are various regulations to control the usage of crypto coins. In some countries, cryptocurrencies are legal, while in some places, they are banned. The reasons may be many.

Crypto Coins

Following Is A Brief Description Of The Crypto Regulations In The US

According to US regulations, cryptocurrencies are not legal tenders. It considers the crypto exchanges as money transmitters whose value substitutes the fiat currency, and however, it considers crypto exchanges as a medium of exchange.

Exchanges Are Legal

  • Though cryptocurrency exchanges are decentralized, according to United States regulations, they can become legal only if they register with FinCEN. The crypto exchange service providers must submit the reports to the authorities at a specific time. Moreover, it is also required to maintain accounts and records in proper order. Since the US Securities and Exchange Commission recognizes cryptocurrencies as securities, it falls under US securities laws. So, whether you have digital wallets or exchanges, you must follow the law.
  • However, the CFTC (The Commodities Future Trading Commission) recognizes the most popular crypto coin, Bitcoin, as a commodity. Hence, you can trade without any hassle with the help of Bitcoins.

Protecting The Consumers

One of the prime reasons for issuing various crypto regulations in the US is to safeguard the interest of the consumers. It is because they often become prey to fraud and misleading information.

  • According to new guidelines, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Future Trading Commission must pursue immediate action against any unlawful practices in the digital market.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are working to protect consumer’s right. If consumers complain about fraud or misappropriation of funds in the crypto world, they must take immediate action and resolve the issue.

According to the regulations passed by the US, no consumer must feel dissatisfied with the system. Immediate steps need to be taken to protect the rights of the consumers, and if needed, they must re-double their efforts for the betterment of the consumer’s financial interest.

  • According to US regulations, one of the most incredible benefits for crypto users is that it encourages the agencies to guide the consumers against the risks in the crypto world. It has also issued regulations to law enforcement authorities to educate consumers and investors against the potential risks of dealing with crypto coins. All complaints from crypto consumers must be shared so that the risk is minimal.
  • The Finance Literacy Education Commission will try all efforts to create public awareness among ordinary people and investors against the risk of dealing with digital assets. They will try to ensure that the public knows the various types of potential fraud that can happen if they are not cautious.

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Future Regulation Of Cryptocurrencies In The US

Since there are reports of various cyber crimes and fraudulent activities in connection with cryptocurrencies, the US has issued an immediate need to protect the interest of consumers. As a part of the new regulations, the companies dealing with cryptocurrency trading have to submit a report to the concerned authorities. Hence, if the exchange feels any transactions over $10000 are suspicious, it must report them immediately. Moreover, it is also mandatory for any user to produce their identity proof if they are making a single transaction of more than $3000.

Wrapping it up !!!

Consumers must know about the frauds that can happen in the digital world, and one wrong move can be disastrous to their economy. Hence, US law has made it mandatory for all crypto exchanges to register with the government.

Sarah Williams
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