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What is content://com.android.browser.home/? – A Complete Guide

Android Smartphones is a full-fledged mobile phone that offers a great user experience. There are however some default home features and other features of bloatware that may sound to be a little disappointing after seeing android as a complete optimized solution.

There are certain tweaks by which it is possible to change the application default settings as per the need. This way you can customize the browser of your Android phone. Now, this also includes the new browser installation and even the theme of the browser if you wish to. But to use any third-party browser for the web you will have high chances of security problems. To deal with it, you can do customization. For this use of syntax content://com.android.browser.home/ default web browser can help.

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What is content://com.android.browser.home/?

To be precise, the link code content://com.android.browser.home/ denotes the syntax that as you open the browser each time, many people don’t really what it is all about. You might even be wondering why such a choice is given. There is nothing to be worried about.

It is possible to fix this problem in less time. Since your smartphone is well integrated, there must be a default browser that has been set with the mentioned homepage. It is already defined in the system. There are many reasons why people choose to change the default homepage of the smartphone. Some of them are:

  • Usually, the manufacturer’s logo appears on the homepage
  • The homepage can meet the requirements depending on the Gmail account or google chrome integration
  • Another homepage can have a better hosting solution with accessible search engine

Irrespective of the reason you have, there is always a way to change the default homepage to something with which you are quite comfortable.

Talking about the android phone, the homepage is also called the stock page. The reason is obvious! It is always loaded with ample links which are of no use at all. Hardly anybody visits the link to see what they offer. People prefer typing the link in the address bar as they don’t have any issue with the content://com.android.browser.home/

If you wish to set your homepage with Goggle or Bing search engine, then it is possible for your Android smartphone. But there are few things that need to be done systematically.

The need for a Good Home Page should be:

Before we go ahead and understand how the changes to the default homepage can be done, you must understand the value of a quality homepage. You need to choose the one that can give you choices of tiles for easy linking to the pages you often visit or like. It should not be a customized front page.

Suppose you have a Wi-fi associated smartphone. The moment you open the Wi-fi connection, you get an error message. It’s that you associated with Wi-fi connection is not safe. Suppose abc.com can give you a scope to look for the site you wish to even before you sign in to the wi-fi on your smartphone.

Using non-HTTPS as the default page can reduce the problems to a great extent. Your web browser will eventually shift you directly to your Login Page of Wi-Fi.

The right way of Changing Homepage on Android Devices

Now that you know the reason to have a good homepage, it is also important that you understand the right way of changing it. With websites turning to be advanced, it will be an easy experience to make the changes. Usually, popular homepages notify you on your own to set them as your default homepage as you visit. Suppose, you wish to make Google. Com as your default homepage, then you need to:

  • Open the browser
  • Visit Google.com
  • Tap on ‘Make Google Your Homepage.’

And you are done! There is no complication further. But if you wish to make a web page as the home page then you need to:

That’s it. Virtually no complication. In case, if you want to make a web page as your smartphone browser’s homepage that does not provide or suggested, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the browser
  • Choose the webpage URL or Copy the one which you want to set as the default homepage
  • Click on the button that says ’menu’.
  • In the case of an Android smartphone, the kit is located at the screen top on the right side.
  • Choose ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Android Browser Settings.’
  • Enter the copied URL
  • You can even choose the ‘Blank Page’ option.

Post these steps you can then open the browser later to see that your homepage has been set to a new default one just the way you wished for.

Steps to set the Default Homepage on Browser

There are many browsers whose steps can vary when it comes to setting it as the default home page. Understand its working:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Android phone
  • You can see three doits where you must click. You can find it in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • Go in the Settings section from the option
  • The Basics section can be seen.
  • You can then see the option on the Home page.
  • Now in the browser of chrome look for Chrome://flags/.
  • An experiment page will open
  • Click on the Force Enable Home Page Button
  • Once you enable it, go to the homepage
  • Click on “Open this page”
  • Type the link that should be set as the default home page
  • Save the changes
  • Reopen the Chrome browser
  • Go in the settings section
  • After two attempts you will be able to see the custom default homepage.


If you have recently purchased a smartphone, then chances are high that you may not have liked the default homepage present on the browser. With these steps, you can make the changes and customize it as per the liking.

With content://com.android.browser.home/ you can change the default homepage in your browser. Users may not like the default homepage and want to give it more of a personal touch. That is when this URL can be helpful.

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