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Commands that will help with dog obedience training Houston

A dog is a man’s best friend. For your pet dog to get along well with your family members and neighbors, it needs to have good manners and understand various commands. Enrolling your pet for the dog obedience training Houston, you can rest assured that it’ll be more socialized, friendly, and controlled afterward.

dog training

Most common commands that are taught to dogs

Even though dogs can learn various commands, there are some of them that are more important than others. These should be learned first so that the dog can learn how to exit safely around people and other pets. If your dog hasn’t already started professional training, here are some commands that you can start working with from home:

1. Sit

This is one of the easiest commands to teach and for this reason, it’s usually the first to introduce to puppies. Learning this command helps the dog learn how to respond to training.

  • Hold a treat next to the dog’s nose
  • Move your hand up, allowing the dog’s head to follow the treat and causing the bottom to lower
  • Once the dog is in the sitting position, say “sit” and give the treat

2. Stay

This command is commonly paired with “sit.” Before moving onto this command, ensure that the dog has already mastered the “sit” command. The stay command comes in handy when you want your dog to stay put when you need to do something really quick like going to check who is at the door.

Once the dog is in the sitting position, open the palm of your hand in front of you and say “stay”

  • Take a few steps back
  • Reward the dog with a treat if he stays
  • Gradually increase the number of steps you take back before giving the treat.

This command is an exercise for self-control for your dog so it might take a while to master.

3. Down

This practical command is great for all dogs, especially the large ones. This helps the dog to relax when in public spaces. As a result, you will have peace of mind when taking the dog to the café with you because the dog will be a non-threat to other people and pets

  • Find a particularly good smelling treat
  • Hold it in your closed fist
  • Hold out your hand to the dog’s snout. When he sniffs it, move your hand to the floor so that the dog follows it
  • Slide your hand along the ground to encourage his body to follow his head

4. Come

This command is very helpful in protecting the dog from traffic, neighbors, and encounters with other dogs. Use this every time the dog escapes through the front door or slips out of its leash.

  • Put the dog on a leash
  • Go down to the dog’s level and say “come” while gently pulling the leash
  • When he gets to you, reward him with a treat.


All dogs need training. There’s a huge difference between a trained dog and one that isn’t. when a dog knows a few basic commands, it becomes very easy when tackling current problematic behaviors or those that develop later on.

Remember not to rush the process – it might take a while but the effort is so worth it. With a little patience and the right attitude, obedience training can be so much fun for you and the dog. Soon you’ll be so happy that you can finally improve your communication with your fur friend.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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