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Easy Tips For Finding Good Travel Humidors

Are you the type of person who simply cannot enjoy travel without their favorite cigar to puff on when the urge strikes? If so, you are probably already aware that bringing your cigars along for the trip can be a bit of a hassle since most need to be contained within unique environments to keep them from going bad and maintaining flavor. Fortunately, there are actually more options than you might imagine for keeping your stogies safe while on the move and ready to be smoked at a moment’s notice (usually on the beach with a nice cool beer). This post will offer some tips to find the best travel case for your prized smokables that should preserve their quality.

Why You Need To Keep Your Cigars Encased Before Smoking Them

Before disusing the tips themselves, it’s wise to get an understanding of why it’s so vital to store them properly. If you’re a cigar smoker, one of the first rules of thumb is to ensure your cigars are kept in an enclosed container. Without this precaution, your cigars can become dry and unpleasant to smoke. That’s why investing in a high-quality travel humidor is essential if you plan on taking your favorite cigars on the go. The idea is that these devices (travel or otherwise) provide a seal around your cigars that ensures they retain their humidity levels. Ensuring 65-72% humidity will prevent tobacco leaves from rapidly losing moisture, meaning they’ll taste great when you next light up. While it’s always best to keep your cigars inside a container designed specifically for the job, in a pinch, you could keep them in something like a small zipper pouch. This won’t maintain humidity levels but will ensure none of your precious smokes gets lost along the way! Finally, take precautions against temperature shifts by keeping all cigars at room temperature or slightly lower for optimal results. However, if you want to go above and beyond (which you do since you are an aficionado), you should invest in dedicated travel cases that will keep your smokables fresh and delicious.

Look For Cases Made With Durable, Lightweight Materials

When traveling, weight is always the most important factor to consider. Airlines aren’t exactly known for their benevolent policies regarding being overweight, so you should do all you can to reduce the amount you carry. When it comes to cigar cases, it can be tempting to get the most hardcore, manly-looking design made of solid stainless steel that looks the business, but this could put a severe dent in your allocated weight allowance (which is often a pretty measly 20kg). Instead, search for cases that are made from high-quality plastics that look and feel amazing but are a fraction of the mass of metals. If you really need a metal case to keep your cigars in pristine condition, consider metals like aluminum which look fantastic, particularly when milled, but are incredibly light.

Check The Size To Ensure They Fit In Your Luggage

Unless you plan on wearing the same clothes throughout your trip, you will need to create a balance between your love of smoking fine cigars and leaving enough room for everything else! Therefore, any cigar container you end up with should be small enough to fit neatly in your luggage and allow enough space for other vital travel items but large enough to carry your desired number of cigars. In reality, this is a pretty straightforward task as you can simply come up with an average number of cigars you smoke in a day or week and ensure you purchase a case large enough to hold that amount. If you happen to smoke an enormous number, it might be wise to consider reducing the amount, at least for your trip.

Avoid Novelty Cases That Might Cause Issues At Airport Security

Guys are often drawn to novelty items like a moth to a flame, and while this is fine in most cases, you need to be conscious of what the TSA or other airport security deems to be a step too far. For instance, you can find cigar cases shaped like ammo crates or other weapon-related paraphernalia. This is fine for the home, but you can quickly find yourself on the wrong end of a rubber glove if you pack it in your carry-on luggage! Also, you should remember that what is deemed normal in your own country might be treated far more severely in another, so be careful and maybe avoid the novelty options if you’re traveling abroad.

Opt For Those With A Good Seal To Prevent Moisture From Escaping

It should go without saying that these cases are designed to keep moisture inside to prevent your cigars from drying out. Therefore, you need to select a case with a tight seal to keep the humidity and other environmental elements out. Moreover, a good seal will prevent the smell, or must, if you will, from leaking out and getting into your clothing.

Consider Purchasing One With A Hygrometer To Monitor The Humidity Levels

These cases might be a bit rarer than your average travel cigar case, but they can be extremely useful for letting you know the humidity levels at a glance. This enables you to adjust or reseal the case accordingly, thus keeping your cigars fresher for longer.

Choose One With A Soft, Plush Lining To Prevent The Cigars From Getting Damaged While Traveling

The key to keeping your cigars in excellent condition isn’t just keeping them moist and retaining their shape and consistency. By choosing a case with soft, plush lining that also has individual slots for each cigar, you can ensure your smokes are protected and in perfect shape when you take them out for a puff. Moreover, you will get extra points if your case has a dedicated section for the various tools required for the smoking experience, such as a cutter and lighter.

Opt For Humidors With A Compact Design That Allows You To Carry It Inside Your Jacket

There is no better feeling than whipping your cigar case out from inside your sports jacket while sitting on a beachfront watching the sun go down for the day. Therefore, you should look at those cases that are slimmer in stature and will fit neatly inside a pocket, ready for when you need a little extra satisfaction.

Transporting cigars far and wide requires careful consideration. From keeping them moist and full of flavor to maintaining their shape and density, there is much to keep in mind. However, choosing the proper travel case can go a long way in alleviating these issues and ensuring you are ready to smoke whenever the mood takes you.

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