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How to choose the best airsoft weapon for beginners

Weapon and man. Notions that, at first glance, are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, despite all the dangers of firearms, man constantly tries to improve and possess them. In the latter case, most civilized countries, understanding the threat of human use of weapons, have introduced strict laws on their acquisition, carrying, use, and storage. Weapons, restricting their purchase. Despite this, the desire of many to become the happy owner of a gun or other deadly gadget does not diminish. How to reconcile these points, getting, on the one hand, the desired “toy” without violating the law on the other? The solution came unexpectedly in the seventies of the last century when a safe, harmless, and exciting “soft air guns” trademark, “soft air guns,” were developed in Japan. In the late nineties of the last century, “soft air guns” “migrated” to England as gaming Airsoft weapons. What is it?

General information about airsoft.

The weapons are based on the classic Airgun in 4.5 millimeters. Thanks to this, special plastic cartridges were developed, or instead, balls with a diameter of six and eight millimeters. These were shot thanks to special gas mixtures, which allowed for the tactical games with the “soft pneumatics” weapon to avoid injury to their participants. On the other hand, lovers of standard military weapons, who could not buy, carry and use them at all times, got a definite bonus. Having become the happy owner of a “soft air gun,” they could use it without breaking the law for recreational shooting and its unhindered carrying.

The first models were produced in Japan, although today, Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers have seriously squeezed the leading developer and filled the market with new types and models of weapons.

It is worth noting that in the very sense of the concept of “Airsoft” laid, in the first place, a collective game defining a form of leisure to neutralize the negative emotions and aggressive aspirations of its participants and to get satisfaction from communicating with like-minded people. At the core of the strikeball team of up to ten people, led by a commander, a single uniform, its chevrons, a flag, and other paraphernalia. This in no way precludes the participation of single players in the game. However, playing in a team, a sense of responsibility for comrades, mutual assistance, and joint tactical solutions to complex issues in an ever-changing environment create unique emotions.

Scenario. In airsoft, it is a prerequisite for the game, which begins with a pre-designed plan by which the entertainment will be held. Despite the different methods and visions of the competition, players are united by one point – getting satisfaction from the game and favorable emotions. This is pushed by the same code of honor, integrity, respect, and responsibility for themselves and the team laid down in the foundation of this adult entertainment. An example of personal responsibility is simple. During the game, you were “hit” by a “grenade explosion,” a “bullet” of a plastic ball, or were hit by a “cold weapon,” which, according to the rules of the game, means your “defeat” and your exclusion from participation in the continuation of the action. The game has just begun; you are full of desire to win and the best. And here’s the shame. According to the rules, you must designate yourself “killed,” complete the game and move to a specially selected place, getting the role of the observer.  Agree, amid the most exciting game to make such a decision, convincing its ego is not easy. All the more so when you are in control of the situation yourself. However, the principles of honesty and responsibility help to make the right choice.

It must be remembered that the “soft pneumatics” used with the force of the shot of plastic balls up to three joules are not so “soft.” By the way, they used “cold weapons” made of rubber and various pyrotechnics. Therefore, serious protection of all critical parts of the participants’ bodies in airball is the prerogative. Unique clothing protects the body from quite powerful bullets and shrapnel. Special glasses protect eyes to withstand hitting the shot from point-blank range, which are prohibited from removing under the game’s rules until the end. There are also specific prohibitions and “musts” for the game participants. First, participants must learn the game’s rules before the fun begins. This is immutable. Second, minors and people under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed to participate. Thirdly, hand-to-hand combat is not allowed in the entertainment process.

Great importance is given to the organizer of the leisure, which is responsible for its preparation and the conduct of the game prescribed in the script.  These moments are strictly controlled and may not be discussed or changed during the entertainment. Disputes, doubts, disagreements, interpretation of rules in their way, and ignoring instructions from the leader are excluded and impossible.

Game. More precisely, projects of games. From simple to complex. This is a serious game “tied” to the actual conditions of a particular area, using a variety of props and equipment. In the regular game, apply a minimum of props, use the most straightforward script involving athletes beginners with minimal experience, and the action lasts in an active mode for up to four hours of game time. The organizer writes a strike ball game with a more complex scenario, and a particular group controls the action. Format for the participants is chosen based on many factors and can last from a few hours to use the whole day or night.

Holding big games falls under organizing small festivals timed to significant time marks. For example, the opening or closing of the shooting season. Then players come from the regions as part of their teams and set up a field camp, where, before the game starts, like-minded people discuss problems and share knowledge. All participants understand this will be a real wrestling test, more like an actual battlefield than harmless fun. And a simple “walk” this action can not be called. The team is on the “battlefield” for at least a day, constantly coping with various combat tasks that are continually changing. Orientation, obstacles to overcome, combat layout and ability to organize defense and counterattack, “shoot to kill,” and practical shooting for the best result. And in such difficult situations, the first place is the proper planning and placement of team members, taking into account the strengths of each team member. After all, some role-playing projects do not end with the day or night and last several days.

In various role-playing projects, some actions can last up to several days, with each participant “wagering” their role in interaction with other participants in the activity. And victory is a coveted prize for the time spent by each member and the entire team.

Types of airsoft weapons.

Even though strike ball is considered entertainment, a game, a recreation set of weapons is comprehensive and diverse. Different models and types of firearms largely depend on the practical and accurate results when using them. And the choice of strike-ball weapon is wide. It is a wide range of models of machine guns, pistols, machine guns, rifles, and shotguns. In principle, everything depends on the buyer’s desire and financial capabilities; manufacturers offer sprung or conventional spring, gas, and electro-pneumatic models. Clearly, for the beginner athlete, this is a difficult and unknown choice.

However, it is simple. The models of the so-called “sprinting” variant include weapons with low rates of fire. These are mainly shotguns and sniper rifles, where the readiness to fire is done manually. This slows the shooting and gives those with a limited budget an opportunity to get their gadget. There are certain advantages to this situation. The spring principle makes using it virtually at all temperatures and weather conditions possible.

Popularity among strikeballistov found gas weapons models that function by using appropriate gas mixtures based on propane gas. Here everything is adult. Some models work almost as their accurate combat models. With simulated recoil and a bolt-action delay system, with a high-velocity shot at distant objects. Among the disadvantages of these weapons, experts note

Its inability to function when the temperature drops below the zero mark of the thermometer.

Remember that the battery on which the selected gadget’s functionality is tied, especially at low temperatures, discharges quickly and usually at the most inopportune moment. So don’t save money and buy a spare battery right away. Or several. It will be a good investment in your mood.

This kind of entertainment armament is used in various types and models, with specific features inherent in each. For example, do not choose the upcoming assault action shotguns, automatic pistols, or guns. The distance with such a choice will be short, so the effect is possible only in close combat. If you finally weigh everything, evaluate the financial component, and purchase this or that model, listen to a few tips.

In this case, the submachine gun may become versatile, working with single shots and long bursts when attacking and defending. The rifle is mainly used for long-range shooting and is usually used by snipers (may be used with night vision scopes). Machine guns are effective both offensively and in repelling attacks. The disadvantage is the high weight, which makes it challenging to move actively.

What you should pay attention to when buying an airsoft weapon.

The material from which your weapon is made. The manufacturer leaves you an extensive choice. Wood, silumin, plastic, aluminum, nylon, steel. Products made of plastic most accurately replicate the features inherent in combat models. They are light, sleek, mounted on cheap drives, and simultaneously delicate and delicate to maintain. Any fall can be the last chance for your airsoft weapon. A more durable and successful option is a weapon made of steel. In most cases, dimensions, weight, and appearance are indistinguishable from their combat analogs.

In general, everything is simple. It is worth dealing with the qualification of civilian pneumatic weapons, which, according to the law, are estimated in joules of muzzle energy. Anything that in your hands does not exceed three joules of muzzle energy does not qualify as a weapon by definition. The rest is simple. Weapons with power between three and seven and a half joules permit as amateur guns, while those with up to twenty-five joules are full-fledged airguns for hunting.

On this basis, we must understand that airsoft guns, despite their undeniable resemblance to pneumatics, by definition, are not recognized as weapons. But take your time to make hasty conclusions and assume that, having become a happy purchaser of such a gadget, you can remember the existing rules for its storage, carrying, and use. After all, it is almost impossible to distinguish such a weapon from a military one at a glance. And this can add much trouble for you. Hence the simple rules must be observed. When transporting the airsoft weapon should be transported in exceptional gun cases. Having copies of the documents on its acquisition is desirable, which will help avoid long and unpleasant inquiries, especially by law enforcement officers.

Any weapon requires respect. Its storage, as well as carrying, is similar to the gun.  The trigger springs must be released, batteries or gas cans disconnected, and plastic ball “bullets” storage magazines cleaned.

When using this weapon, remember – it is still a weapon that requires proper handling for personal safety and the peace of mind of others. That is why you should shoot with it in the designated and equipped for this purpose places. For example, in places organized for strike ball entertainment or in any other site that is safe for others. In this case, remember personal safety, wearing tight clothing and eye protection goggles. Remember, by following the simple rules, you will enjoy your hobby.


We mentioned only the tip of the great established mechanism, defined by the term “airball. Everything is “adult” here. What company to choose, what to put in the first place – the weapon’s power or its rapidity? The beauty of design or durability? The range or the accuracy? Or a combination of all of them? All this also applies to the price segment, where the cost of professional weapons is seriously “biting. But in fact, in the list of “strike kits” to defeat a conventional enemy, a pretty long list of grenades for different purposes, cold steel weapons made of rubber, machine guns, long-range guns and more.

And with such an “arsenal,” it should not be forgotten that it is a danger of injury and requires a respectful and professional attitude when used. This is the only way you can begin to learn and study your chosen hobby from the basics.

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