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Essential Factors to consider when purchasing a computer

It is not every day that an average user considers purchasing a computer, so we have compiled a list of factors to consider before purchasing a computer. Whether you want a laptop or a desktop computer, the factors listed below should help you decide. Getting the correct hardware can make all the difference and helps you to get the maximum benefit from computer sale in Australia.


¬†CPU is your computer’s brain. The speed of a processor is measured in gigahertz or GHz. When it comes to processors, faster is better. However, faster processors are more expensive. Consider what you need your processor to do when choosing a processor for your company’s computers. If you intend to use the computer for routine office work, such as Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft recommends at least a 1 GHz processor. If you intend to do more advanced, graphics-intensive work, a faster processor will provide better performance.


Memory, also known as RAM, works in conjunction with the CPU to determine how quickly your computer performs tasks. As with most computer-related matters, more is better. RAM capacity is measured in gigabytes. A computer with at least 4 gigabytes of RAM is required for most computing tasks. When purchasing RAM, make certain that it is compatible with your motherboard.

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive is the location in your computer where files, programs, and other data are stored. There are two types of hard drives on the market of hard disk drives and solid-state drives. Solid-state drives are more expensive, but they are also faster. When choosing a hard drive, the two most important factors to consider are speed and size. Aim for a hard drive with at least 1 terabyte of storage space if possible.

Graphics Card

The graphics card in your computer is in control of how video is processed. When purchasing a computer, you will come across two types of graphics cards: integrated and dedicated. Integrated graphics cards are built into the motherboard of your computer. Separate graphics cards must be installed. Dedicated graphics cards are generally more powerful. A dedicated graphics card is recommended if you intend to edit videos, play games, or watch high-definition movies on your computer.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much money you want to spend. If you only intend to use your computer to browse the web, send emails, and watch videos on occasion, you can get by with a less expensive model. Remember that even the most basic models are now powerful enough to handle everyday tasks.

If you’ll be relying on your computer for work, get at least a mid-range model. They may be more expensive, but you will appreciate the speed and time savings. In general, the higher the performance, the more expensive the computer. Examine your budget and how you intend to use your machine; hopefully, these suggestions will help you strike the right balance between performance and price.

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