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Useful Family Camping Tips for Neophyte Campers in Michigan

Michigan is a picturesque state in the United States, with an estimated population of more than 9.9 million people in 2019. With its four Great Lakes, the state is the perfect place for a family camping trip. Featuring many scenic campgrounds, camping in Michigan is a thrilling and memorable experience for all types of campers.

If you are first time campers, you may overlook things and experience campground mishaps along the way. They are part of the learning process, as they say. However, there are smart ways to learn things and avoid the common mistakes made by first-timers in the past. This article offers the top camping tips and advice for beginners and recommends some of the best camping grounds in Michigan.

Family Camping Tips

Top Sites to Go Camping in Michigan

With its beautiful landscapes and wildlife, Michigan is one of the go-to places when it comes to camping. Here are some of the best campsites you may consider if you want to go camping in Michigan:

  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising – Climb atop the Au Sable Light Station to view the beautiful sandstone cliffs of the Central Upper Peninsula Park or go kayaking and conquer the waves of Lake Superior.
  • Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Paradise – Marvel at the sight of the majestic waterfall or hike the more than 40-mile long hiking trails in the area.
  • Porcupine Mountains State Park in Ontonagon – With 60,000 acres of natural landscapes, there are numerous things to enjoy at the park.
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Empire – Explore the magical dunes, swim at the beautiful beaches, and walk through the park’s beech-maple forest.
  • Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg – Enjoy the beauty of wildlife and be amazed at the grace and skills of more than 228 species, like the Bald Eagle and Blue Jay. Smell the sweet scent of nature and explore the hardwood forest and prairies.

Practical Tips and Tricks for First Time Family Campers

As neophyte campers, having sufficient preparation avoids a disaster and ensures a fun trip. Here are some tips to consider to make your first camping trip a memorable one:

  • Consider going to a campsite near your residence to make it easier for you to go home if you decide you will not enjoy the experience or if there is an emergency.
  • Involve each family member in the planning of your trip to know what activities you will do together. Make sure to accommodate your children’s interests to keep them excited for the next trip.
  • Familiarize yourself with your gear by trying them at home. You can set up your tent in your backyard and sleep there for a night to get a feel of what lies ahead. Try using your equipment to make sure they are working.
  • Make sure you bring a tent that can accommodate you comfortably.
  • Prepare foods that are hard to spoil.
  • Pack your things in plastic containers to keep them dry in case it rains. Prepare a camping gear checklist to make sure you will not be missing an item or two.
  • Wear appropriate clothes, such as waterproof hiking pants, to keep you dry and comfortable when it’s chilly, hot, wet, or windy outside.
  • Arrive at the camp early and make sure to observe the rules.
  • Remind your kids to prioritize safety and encourage them to enjoy the experience.

Create unforgettable moments with your family by going camping in Michigan. By following the tips above, you will all enjoy your first camping trip.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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