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City of Witches Novel

Are you someone who loves your books to your heart’s content? You should perhaps have a huge reading library that you keep adding books to quite frequently. In case you are a book worm like me, you would definitely be looking to add up more books to your reading list.

Reading a book has its own advantages. It assists you in improving your brain activities and can also aid you in reducing the stress levels to a considerable extent. It can also help you learn new languages. The books, in essence, are the best for your mental and physical health. A few great novels that you can add to your reading list would include City of Witches, Invisible man, Beloved and many other best choices that have been known to provide a very decent experience.

Best novels that an avid reader would want to fall in love with

Here we go with the best novels that you can add to your list and find it extremely enjoyable.

City of witches

If you are fond of horror like stories that rely towards being more dark, the City of Witches should be one of the most powerful options that you would find quite enticing and unique. the novel combines both action and suspense together. It is a Korean based book. That would cover all the genres in one book and a few of them would include adult fantasy, ecchi, harem, and romance.

The plot of the novel is about a man who is kidnapped and is captivated in the city of witches. He goes to become the MAN witch which is a unique category in the entire world. He is captivated in the city of witches for over 10 years and becomes a male witch.

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The entire plot of the novel is filled with several turns and events. If you want to add valuable books to your collection, the City of witches should be the best option that you would want to add to your list. The total of 23 chapters in the book would make it a formidable option

The Invisible man

The great and popular noel by H G well, The Invisible Man has been able to garner the interest of the literature fans around the world. It is a science cum horror fiction to begin with. The novel was published in 1897 and went on to become a blockbuster in no time.

The plot of the novel moves around the story of a miscellaneous man named Griffin. He is a weird scientist and loves experimenting. However, his experiments tend to be quirky in nature. One day, one of his experiments do not work as planned and he becomes an invisible man. Since he could not reverse the action, he stays an invisible man and the novel talks at length about his plight. In fact, the novel made H G Wells, the father of science fiction.


In the same way as the novel City of Witches, Beloved is yet another novel with the story is all about a mother and daughter relationships. The novel talks at length about heroism, pain, manhood, and many other things.

Written by Toni Morrison, it has become the most popular in terms of the American novel. The story talks at length about the story of a dysfunctional family of formerly enslaved people. Their home is haunted by a malicious ghost. The  novel went on winning several awards for its story and narration. The prizes won include the Pulitzer prize. The book also went on to become a movie in 1998.

The Kite Runner

The novel Kite Runner is written by Khaled Hosseini in 2003. The novel talks about the end of monarchy in Afghanistan. The plot of the novel follows the exodus of the refugees to Pakistan and the rise of Taliban.

The novel caters to practically every element that includes historical fiction to drama, classic, and literary realism. If you are student of literature, you would find it catering to several genres and categories of literature. It should be the right pick for the avid readers among you.

Jane Eyre

Want a combination of horror and romance? The novel Jane Eyre should definitely make it the perfect choice that you would want to go with. The novel is published in 1847. To The novel is written by Charlotte Brontë and has been a huge best seller.

The novel talks about the experiences of a heroine. The plot talks about her life right from her childhood to her adulthood to her love life. The novel covers over 38 chapters which were originally published in 3 volumes.

A Passage to India

If you are someone who is looking to go into the true history of a nation and its people, Passage to India should be something that you would find quite an interesting novel. Authored by E M Forster, the novel is a great choice for the enthusiasts. It should be noticed that Forster is a most well known author of the English literature and this novel is indeed the jewel in his crown.

The novel Passage to India was listed as one of the entries in the list of All Time 100 Novels. The plot of the novel follows the story of British rule in India and the struggle for the Indian Independence in the 1920s. The plot of the novel revolves around the visit of Forster to India 1912 to 13 and the time he spent as the private secretary to Tukojirao III who was the ruling Maharaja of Dewas.

The Closing thoughts

Well, those were just a few of the best novels that should form part of your reading list. Of course, there are several other great novels that are capable of being in the list of the best novels to keep in your reading list. However, if you are looking to have just one or two of the novels as of now, we will indeed recommend opting for City of Witches as one of them.

Get a comfortable seating and place, have a cup of hot coffee, and enjoy your novels to your heart’s content. Make sure that the City of Witches is one of the first novels that you would want to read.

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