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Knowing Where to Find Your Bike Serial Number

Bicycles have personalized number etched on the frame. This set of numbers is called the bike frame number. In other, more familiar terms, it is called the bike serial number.

The bike frame number is usually carved underneath the bottom bracket, which means you need to upturn the bike to find it. To know where the bottom bracket is, it is where the chainset and pedals are connected.

Though the serial number is usually in the bottom bracket, in some cases, you will find it on a different side or part of the frame. Common places include the rear stays, seat tube, or front headset. If you are unfamiliar with bike parts, you can search online or thoroughly examine the whole bike until you find the serial number. One quick tip: you will not find them on the wheels.

The serial numbers on some Schwinn bikes are often etched in the head tube, while some BMX bicycles have them carved on the rear stays. If you still have difficulty finding it, you can always ask mechanics or any bike enthusiast.

Bike Serial Number

Why do bikes have serial numbers?

It is essential to understand the purpose of these serial numbers. The serial numbers give a hint about the legitimacy of the bike. These serial numbers also point to when the bike was produced. The serial numbers have corresponding information in the manufacturer’s database. Aside from the year of production, the serial numbers also indicate the model. It is easy to determine if a bike is fake or legit based on the serial number’s corresponding details.

What if the bike lacks a serial number? Usually, the reason for this is that the bike is outdated or handcrafted by someone who knows how to manufacture frames and assemble bikes.

By using the internet, you can search for information about your bike’s serial number by keying in the brand and bike serial number decoder on the search engine.

Another reason why serial numbers are essential is that in the event of bike theft, the serial number is your key to retrieving the bicycle because police stations can track these numbers in the database.

This is why, when you purchase a bike, especially a pricey one, you immediately locate the serial number and register it so that it will be easier for authorities to look for it in the event of theft. Knowing or noting the serial number is evidence that the bicycle is in your possession. It is a shocking reality that many bikes today are either counterfeit or stolen, but the case slips because the owner did not bother looking into the serial number.

Of course, once you confirm that your bike is legit, ask the help of the manufacturer to register it in the Registry of Manufacturers and Trademarks.

Why is registering your bike necessary?

Aside from knowing about its authenticity, model, and manufacturer, and having a bigger shot at retrieving it once it’s stolen, another reason for registering your bike is for convenience on your part should you decide to sell it. Buyers will trust you more because you have a registered serial number to back you up. They will know its history through the records. Registering your bike is to prevent any possible legal issues sooner or later. Make sure you furnish a copy of your certificate of registration and keep it.

A lot of bicyclists do not give a thought to these things, not knowing that they could be a great help to them when the time comes. It is always better to be on the safe side than to be sorry in the end because you could have done better.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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