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How can you begin your journey of being a successful anonymous blogger?

In the beginning, internet popularity invited people to come over the web and post content online. In the initial phase of the internet’s popularity, people were excited about using it to create a new online identity specifying name, birth date, and so on. Since the time of the advanced era in Web 2.0, everyone is fixing a new authenticity. Currently, bloggers and writers are coming with new posts every day. And what the readers want is about learning the blogger’s identity.

Though, some people have their reasons for not disclosing their real name in a content or blog post. It may be possible that people want to discuss unfair policies prevailing in society or some other sensitive topic, including physical attraction or joys of sex. But one thing which the writers want is about hiding the identity before discussing anything. In such cases, writers choose to blog anonymously and talk about any subject without the fear of what people will think or what if anyone passed a negative response! These are some of the reasons why anonymous blog matters!

Pros linked with anonymous blogging

Want to know what is the purpose of an anonymous blog? Anonymous blogging does come with a list of benefits for writers. Firstly, it benefits people to talk freely about each topic without worrying about any consequences. For learning other benefits, check the below-discussed points:

·         Safeguarding theft to identity

·         Feel confident to speak

·         Talk about sensitive subjects

·         Protection from internet security threats

Not only this, but people also have different reasons why it is good to post blogs anonymously. If you are not doing email marketing then you are missing a lot. You can use smtp server free in case you are short of budget for email marketing.

Tips for successful anonymous blogging

When entering the field of the blogging business, people do wonder how to become successful by posting anonymous blogs. No doubt, there’s a less chance to establish an anonymous writing business in comparison with the pen name write-ups. Or it may take a lot more time to develop it. Though you can learn some tips to develop your anonymous blogging business. Check them out below:

1.      Don’t use your full name

It is one of the best advice to avoid using the full name while writing anonymously. What you can do it just use your last name to post the blogs. It will secure your identity, and no one would be able to contact you. Or if you’re called by some other nickname, then you can use it. This way, no outsider can get to find out about your identity. Or use a short name from your real name in the post, such as write Caty if your name is Catherine.

In such a way, your readers will feel connected with the narrator. They’re not willing to learn about your real name for making a connection with you. But when a reader goes through a post, he or she develops a feeling of trust and connection with the narrator. So, it can be pleasing for the readers to read with such names.

2.      Register blogs with an anonymous account

One of the biggest mistakes that people do while blogging anonymously is keeping the real email account for blog registration. Maintaining anonymity online means that you’re hiding your identity and coming online to post any blog. Though, what if users get to find your identity by seeing the real email account used in anonymous blog registration? This will intrude on your privacy, and you’ll not even like it. It is a must to register all your anonymous blogs with an anonymous account only. Don’t let the hackers know about your real name even in anonymous blogs.

3.      Turn off IP address to post the blogs.

When willing to know tips to become a successful anonymous blogger, you can learn that there’s a need to turn off your IP address—thinking about the reason behind it? When you’re planning to knock the readers with an anonymous blog, then how can you forget about the tech-experts or hackers who can catch your IP address? So, when updating a new anonymous blog or posting any content, you should turn off the IP address.

4.      Turn off the location tags from your photos.

When you use your smartphone or a GPS features camera to capture your pictures, your photo data includes a location tag by the GPS. This tag is referred to as the EXIF location tag. So, when you avoid turning it off or disabling it, people can catch you and find your location. Often, some anonymous bloggers lacked thinking about this point, and the result was some readers catching their location.

5.      Don’t discuss any personal details.

If you want to ensure safety while posting anonymous blogs, you need to even act as anonymous while writing the blogs. Whether you’ve followed all the tips to blog anonymously, you may get unmasked when you talk about any of your details. Never talk about your family or use any real name in the content.

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