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How DNA Testing is Helping Humanity

In 1953, biologists James Watson and Francis Crick discovered that our DNA molecules form a three-dimensional double helix. Today DNA testing is helping humanity in so many ways that you will be amazed to know its miracles. Do you want to learn more about yourself, your family, or your pet? For that, there’s a DNA test.

Then simply spit in a tube. Allow your dog to chew on a swab. Or you can remove some of your cat’s fur. After that, send the sample out in the mail. After a few weeks, you may go to the website of a testing business to obtain a guide outlining the qualities identified by that DNA.

It’s possible that the testing will reveal relatives you didn’t realize you had. If you bought it for your dog, the test may reveal if Fido is descended from a German shepherd, corgi, or poodle.

Many firms provide DNA testing services. However, not all DNA tests are made equal. What you discover about your genetic make-up is determined by the firm you choose and the degree of testing it does. Therefore, always choose a company with good repute like CRI Genetics.

You will be amazed to know that with the help of DNA testing, you can do the following tasks.

Know Your Roots

A DNA test that looks for relatives across all of your ancestral lines during the previous five generations and gives you a percentage breakdown of your ethnic and geographic origins. This test includes a variety of interactive tools for finding DNA matches, determining ancestry, and revealing your ancient ancestors’ migratory patterns, as well as other advanced features.

Solve Ancient Mysteries

Until his remains were excavated in a parking lot in Leicester, no one knew where Richard III (one of England’s most famous rulers) was buried.

The skeleton had battle wounds and scoliosis, but experts couldn’t have been certain of Richard III’s until DNA from the bones was matched to Michael Ibsen, a direct descendant of the king’s sister. In this case and many other similar cases, scientists are exploring hidden truth with the help of mind-blowing DNA testing.

Predict the Future

Scientists can now assess whether an embryo has any chromosomal abnormalities that could cause a genetic disorder using blood from the mother and saliva from the father. DNA testing, for example, can determine if an unborn child will have trisomy 21, or Down syndrome.

Researchers are starting to broaden the scope of prenatal genetic testing, utilizing it to detect developmental delays and intellectual disorders like autism.

Risk factors you may have inherited from your parents, such as a high risk of breast or colon cancer, can also be revealed through genetic testing. While this genetic risk factor does not guarantee that you will develop the disease, it may raise your chances; being aware of the risk may enable you to take preventive measures.

Solving Crimes

Over the last few decades, DNA testing has changed the criminal justice system, improving the likelihood of identifying criminals. DNA profiling is a cutting-edge technology that can be used to identify people based on their unique genetic composition. People may have similar eye and hair colors, as well as facial traits, but they will not have the same DNA. As a result, the procedure may be effective in more precisely investigating crimes. DNA samples acquired from suspects and DNA samples recovered at a crime scene can be compared by forensic scientists. They may be able to rule out that suspect if there is no match. If there is a match, police will most likely want to investigate further.

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