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How Website Security Affects Your SEO?

The various online security measures are capable of affecting your SEO in various ways. Whether it is too many security measures or too little security of your site, your site’s SEO ranking can get affected. However, the world of online media is never free from the threats. With the advancement of the web world, the vandalizing of online security is growing day by day. This is why it is of crucial importance to pay attention to it. However, you must know how it affects your SEO:

How Website Security Affects Your SEO?

It can blacklist your ranking:

If your website has poor security, then it is very likely going to be a risky one. The lack of security protection on your site can impose a great risk of hackers. If you are putting a lot of time into fixing your SEO strategy, then you must spend special attention to the security.

Regardless of the content on your site and for how long you have opened your site; you must protect your assets. Surprisingly SEO is one of the many reasons behind the website hacking. Not anyone is going to use the ethical way of link building for their SEO. If anyone is picking your link without your permission, then the search engine is going to mark it as spam and blacklist your site according to digital marketing agency.

The setting of a weak password:

To protect your site, it is important to use a very strong password that you can remember. However, people tend you use the most common passwords which are very easy to remember. Also using a common password indicates the weak security of your site.

However, you cannot afford such risks that can ruin your hard work. Put some effort to create a password that is secure, unique, and easier to remember. Or else it is quite easier to breach the security of your site for collecting information and affecting the copyright which is going to be not so healthy for your SEO ranking. Use a password with a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers.

Missing out on the installation of an SSL certificate:

The SSL certificate serves you the authentication and security with your URL.  While you notice the beginning of the URL, it comes with the “HTTPS://” where the “s” stands for the security. In case your website is running out of the SSL certificate authentication, then your users are not going to get a secure environment to make payments or do any other activities on your website which can affect their data. This might affect your site’s SEO in various ways. Also, at the same time, your site’s information is not safe in this way.

Crawling error:

Bots present a significant role for your website and the application traffic. However, not all bots are safe for your site. 19% of bots crawl around your site for vulnerability identification, content scraping, or data theft.

At the same time, the continuous attacks prevent the Googlebot from entering and crawling on your site. The malicious bots use the same bandwidth as the legitimate bots. If your website is facing repetitive attacks from multiple bots, it can affect your website traffic which leads to 404 errors in the Search Console.


Web security is capable of affecting in various ways. If you are re draining yourself from taking the preventative measures, then it is simply going to ruin the security of your website. While working with your website, opt for security measurement. Investing in only SEO is not going to be enough if you overlook the security area.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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