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Is Zentreya a guy?

Who is Zentreya?

Zentreya, an English-speaking VTuber who emerged in 2017, is recognized for her VRChat roleplaying and distinctive synthesized voice. As a member of the VTuber collective, VShojo, Zentreya employs a text-to-speech mechanism for communication, leading to curiosity about her actual gender.

Zentreya’s Persona

Portrayed as a cyborg from a dystopian future, Zentreya’s character is on a mission to avert an impending apocalypse. She’s characterized by her strong will, a tendency to shout at others, and a love for socializing. Having adapted to the 21st-century culture, she relishes memes and pranks.

Her journey began with the VRChat roleplaying community, where she instituted the Anti-Lewd Army. Initially a mute streamer—streaming without a voice—she primarily developed VRChat-focused content, a decision rooted in her intention to safeguard her real-life identity.

In November 2020, she became part of VShojo, together with Nyatasha Nyanners, Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Froot, Hime Hajime, and Silvervale. Often seen collaborating with other VTubers, she maintains good relationships with them.

Zentreya hosts streams on Twitch and YouTube, where she engages in diverse games like Apex Legends, Resident Evil Village, and Minecraft, among others. She also holds karaoke streams, singing songs in different languages via her voice synthesizer.

Why is Zentreya Mistaken for a Male?

Zentreya’s masculine or robotic-sounding voice synthesizer has sparked assumptions about her being male. Some believe that she might be masking her real voice due to insecurities or a desire to play tricks on her audience.

Despite these conjectures, Zentreya has repeatedly confirmed her female identity, explaining her usage of the voice synthesizer as a personal choice. On infrequent occasions like her 2020 birthday stream, she has revealed her natural voice. Read Also:Tenoch Huerta Wife

Her humorous on-stream jokes about being a male or possessing male attributes are purely for entertainment. While she appreciates playful interaction, she condemns disrespect or harassment regarding her gender identity.


Zentreya, a female VTuber utilizing a voice synthesizer for personal reasons, insists on not being misinterpreted as male. With her unique talents and entertaining streams, she commands respect and support from her audience and fellow VTubers.

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