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Lee Min Ho Movies To Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Of The Actor

Lee Min Ho became famous because of his roles in hit television shows such as Boys Over Flowers. But the popular actor has also done some movies. Here are some Lee Min Ho movies that are worth watching.

Gangnam Blues

This movie showed that Lee Min Ho can also be a good action star. Here, he plays the role of Jong-Dae, a homeless man who was hired by a gang together with Yong-Ki who is played by Kim Rae-won to serve a political purpose. The two grew up together in an orphanage and treat each other like brothers. When the two left the orphanage, they made a living by selling trash. And then Jong-Dae became a gang member and that’s when things become interesting for the two characters. The film explores the world of gangs and how gang members are often betrayed by the people they trust the most. It was rumored that Hyun Bin was actually offered a leading role in this movie but he eventually declined the offer. The movie is set in the 1970s and was shot in different places in Korea to replicate the 70s atmosphere.

Get Up

Lee Min Ho movies are always fun to watch and this one is no exception. You’re probably used to seeing Lee Min Ho play the role of a student so you’ll surely find the scenes in this movie familiar. This movie was released in 2008 so it’s an old one. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a good time watching it. If you’re a Lee Min Ho fan then you’ll surely marvel at how cute he was when he was still young. In this movie, the popular actor plays the role of high school student Min Wook-gi who got in trouble when he fought another student named Doo-heon who was played by Rhyme. As punishment, Wook-gi had to clean the car of his teacher. Then while he was cleaning, his girlfriend Chura who was played by Choi Ah-jin approached him to tell him that she is going on a ski trip with her new boyfriend. While Wook-gi was trying to chase his girlfriend, Doo-heon passed by on his motorcycle and the two ended up chasing Chura together.

Bounty Hunters

One of the Lee Min Ho movies that will put a smile on your face is Bounty Hunters. This is an action-comedy movie that once again displayed the talents of the popular Korean actor. In this movie, Lee Min Ho plays the role of San who is a martial arts expert and former Interpol officer. He and another former Interpol officer named Yo who was played by Wallace Chung were working as bodyguards-for-hire but they have not always been successful. Then the two suddenly became suspects of a terrorist plot to bomb a building.To clear their names, the two must team up with other interesting characters and hunt down the real terrorists. The movie was released in 2016 and is a good choice if you’re looking for a fun flick to watch.

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