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How To Deep Clean Your Home Amidst COVID-19

Now that we’re amidst a global pandemic, extra caution is needed to prevent the virus from infecting our bodies and our households. It is necessary to deep clean your home. Our home is supposed to be a safe haven that could protect us from the threats of COVID-19.

Now that the virus is known to be transmitted through having contact with the infected person or the objects and surfaces he or she have contaminated, the best thing we could do is to isolate ourselves at home. However, going outside or inviting other people inside the house is sometimes inevitable. So, deep cleaning your space on a regular basis is the next right thing to ensure that it is not contaminated and it does not invite other viruses and germs. Here’s what you should be doing:

1. Use the right protective gear and equipment when cleaning.

When deep cleaning, you have to make sure that you’re wearing the proper gear. Use disposable gloves that you could throw away afterward. Make sure to wear your mask during the process. If you are planning to clean your home in just a day, use separate gloves for each room to avoid the spread of the virus, in case contaminated.

2. Disinfect every surface.

Heavy-duty disinfectant sprays and wipes are now available in the market due to high demands. You can purchase or make your own depending on what’s accessible and more convenient for you. Wipe every surface with the disinfectant to kill any virus-carrying bacteria — this includes all furniture and appliances.

3. Scrub the floors and wash the carpets.

Make sure that the floors in every room are spotless. Floors and corners tend to accumulate germs and bacteria which attracts more germs and viruses. The same goes for carpets and rugs. Deep clean them to remove the dirt that has been collected over time. Area rugs are a great way to divide the various sections of your home so take a look at more information at https://www.getcarpetcleaningorlando.com/area-rugs/.

4. Replace towels and other frequently used items.

Hand towels are mostly shared in the household — visitors are likely to use them too whenever they visit. Change out your towels every day, especially if you often invite people over or you regularly go outside your home. Your shower towels should be replaced as well after you use them. Place them directly in the washer and wash them.

5. Hire a cleaning company to do the deep cleaning for you.

If you are still worried that you did not clean your space properly, you can always hire people to do it for you. There are cleaning companies that can provide professional cleaning services during COVID-19. They aim to keep and maintain your home clean from the virus while abiding by the pandemic safety guidelines.

From house cleaning, carpet-washing to floor cleaning Cleaning World, Inc can do all the deep cleaning for you. They can assure you that they will abide by the COVID-19 safety guidelines while providing the best quality cleaning service that they could provide to help you stay safe from the virus.

Keep your home coronavirus safe by maintaining its cleanliness, disinfecting, and by doing all safety precautions and following all guidelines. Of course, the best way to prevent the virus is by staying at home or social-distancing and wearing your mask every time you’re outside. This is the time that we should take these extra measures as more and more people every day get infected.

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