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Most Important Apps and Tools for Real Estate Agents

As a realtor, establishing a professional reputation and positive image for yourself is key to truly garner the success you desire and envision for yourself. Without the ability to properly and effectively market yourself, your skills, and your abilities, you will find it increasingly difficult to generate leads and attract new clients over competitors who have put themselves out there and nurtured their professional reputation. Familiarizing yourself with apps and tools that are useful for real estate agents can help you to pull ahead of your competition as you establish your professional reputation and build a name for yourself.


Facebook is one of the largest social networks globally, touting billions of active users each day. Using Facebook as a real estate marketing tool is one way to maximize your reach while gaining valuable insight into the overall wants and needs of prospective clients who are seeking representation near you. Whether you are starting out on your own as an independent realtor or if you are looking for ways to promote the real estate company you work for and represent, using Facebook Pages along with Facebook Ads is one of the quickest ways to jumpstart your presence with the use of social media.

Instagram – IGTV

Instagram’s IGTV is a standalone application that was developed by the creators of Instagram. IGTV is similar to Instagram, but provides users with longer video lengths that are typically capped off when using traditional networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. Using IGTV is highly recommended for any realtor who is looking for new ways to promote the properties they are representing with the use of video media, hashtags, and current popular trends.


Using Twitter is another way to learn more about local realtors in your area while studying the latest wants, needs, and real estate trends near you and in your local area. With Twitter, you are limited to the number of characters you may use in each update, but you have the ability to instantly reach thousands, if not millions of users with the right keywords, trends, and hashtags.

Twitter is also a useful tool for realtors as it allows you to quickly stay on top of the latest keyword and phrase trends in specific areas, regions, or even entire countries. Hone in on specific groups of users based on age, gender, and even location as a realtor to truly reach the preferred clientele you are looking to represent.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow is one of the largest real estate social networks available today, providing a platform for both realtors as well as those who are currently in the market for a new home or piece of property. As a realtor, signing up for the Zillow Premier Agent app is one way to expedite the process of generating leads and seeking out new clients who are currently seeking representation.

Once you are a member of the Zillow Premier Agent App, your lead will be verified by Zillow, then presented to you as a real estate agent. Drastically increase the number of leads you generate monthly as well as the amount of work you are able to take on as an independent or dependent realtor, regardless of your prior experience with the use of the Zillow Premier Agent App. Using the Zillow Premier Agent App is highly recommended whether you are new to working as an independent real estate agent or if you are experienced, but looking for new ways to garner an online following while simultaneously generating new leads of clients to represent yourself.

Bomb Bomb

BombBomb is a video marketing platform that is designed to help individuals create marketing videos on the fly, even if you do not have digital marketing or video editing experience yourself. Using Bomb Bomb is one of the quickest ways to jump into the realm of video marketing and promotion, especially as a realtor in your local community.

Using Bomb Bomb is a way to showcase various properties while also building and maintaining connections with your current and past clients, even if you have not communicated directly with them in some time. If you are looking for new ways to break into the realm of video marketing and media, doing so with Bomb Bomb is one of the best ways to get started at any level of experience.


YouTube is the largest video community and social media network available to date, amassing billions of views and uploaded minutes of content each day. With YouTube, it is possible to upload your very own marketing, promotional, or portfolio videos to promote the homes, properties, and other real estate content you intend to share with your followers and prospective clients.

Using YouTube is also a way to showcase entire homes and even commercial buildings with the use of video media. As the internet and social media continue to expand and grow, utilizing video media and animation is essential to stay ahead of your competition and to remain relevant in just about any market or industry.

With the use of YouTube, you can begin building a professional name and reputation for yourself while showcasing the properties you represent with full-length video tours. Allow followers to ask questions, communicate with your followers and commenters, and help others to learn more about real estate based on the type of properties and clients you represent.

You can also use YouTube to promote other content for homeowners and those who are interested in the real estate industry to amass an even greater following. Consider the type of content you intend to create and the audience you want to reach. Will your followers and target audience find your video content interesting, useful, and unique, or can it be found with a simple Google or YouTube search within seconds? How can you differentiate the content you create using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instgram that will help you to stand out while still being taken seriously?

Direct Mail

Are you looking for a new way to launch a direct mailing campaign that is personable and relevant to your target audience of prospective clients? Are you tired of boring direct mailing solutions? With Wise Pelican, you can craft creative, unique, and relevant direct mailing campaigns for any audience of prospective clients you want to reach. Use Wise Pelican to browse through hundreds of templates for direct mailers that are most likely to resonate with the prospective clients you want to represent.

With Wise Pelican, you can create a direct mailing campaign that are designed with real estate clients in mind. Appeal to the wants and needs of prospective clients who are in the market for a new home or property while also incorporating any branding, colors, or imagery that works best to represent your real estate company or yourself as an independent professional realtor. For any realtor or real estate professional who is interested in utilizing old school marketing techniques with an updated and modern platform, Wise Pelican is rightfor you.

While building a professional reputation as a realtor requires plenty of hard work and dedication, it is possible with the right tools and real estate marketing strategies in place. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with various real estate agent tools and apps can help you to create a name and reputation for yourself as you branch out and begin to expand your reach locally and throughout your entire community.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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