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Nathan Schwandt – Brother, Family, Height, Is he Straight Or Gay?

Since the inception of social media channels, regular women and men like Nathan Schwandt have risen in media and general public radar. From YouTube to Twitter to Instagram and other social platforms, ordinary people gained attention and popularity by merely putting their entire life on social media channels.

Nathan Schwandt is one of them. He gained his fame simply being the boyfriend or partner of pop singer and transgender Jeffree Star. Jefree himself is the social media sensation that runs his YouTube channel with over 3.7 million subscribers. This pop singer’s love life and personal life is all over on social media, which, on the other hand, gave the media attention to his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. If you are interested in reading more about Nathan, then you might have come to the right place. Here are the rest of the details on Nathan Schwandt.

Who is Nathan Schwandt?

As mentioned earlier, Nathan Schwandt is the boyfriend of pop singing sensation Jeffree Star, and it is the comfort he chose and enjoying the life as Jeffrees partner. In the year 1993 (August 18th) Nathan Schwandt was born in Michigan who is now an Instagram star.

He has one sibling who is younger than him. His parents have two boys, and one of them is Nathan Schwandt, and his younger brother’s name is Zach.

Nathan received a formal education till his high school despite being the part of Midwest of America. However, any other information about his University study and higher education is not available to the general public yet.

We certainly know that before Nathan Schwandt became this hot Instagram star and Jeffree’s boyfriend, he worked at Michigan pet shop as an employee.

Nathan’s life changed for good from being a dull employee in some pet shop to being a celebrity’s boyfriend when Jeffree sent him a direct message in the year 2015. The couple communicated privately over Instagram for a while, and one day Jeffree invited Nathan to Los Angeles so both can meet each other. There both had their first date and instantly fell in love with each other, and to date, they are enjoying each other’s companionship.

To be closer to Jeffree, Nathan eventually moved to Los Angeles and started working in Jefree’s cosmetic company’s expansion. With time Nathan graduated from the role of a business caretaker to be a part of Jefree’s home and life where he started caring of their house and five of the dogs.

The couple’s relationship is growing stronger with every passing year since the inception in 2015, committing to joint investments as well as buying a house in Michigan and operating a Marijuana company together.

It has always been smooth and glamorous for Nathan to be known as the boyfriend of pop star Jeffree Star. Though media and fans of Jeffree put some accusations on Nathan like not being gay as he exclusively dated women before and he is a gold digger as he is dating a luxurious pop star. Despite all these accusations and controversies couple Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt are still together.

However, Nathan is always known for being the partner of Jeffree, yet he has some of his achievements as well, and unique skill sets like he is a decent guitar player and accomplished skateboarder.

Even Nathan modeled for the cosmetic company of Jeffree and showcased many cosmetic products.

Nathan Schwandt’s Family and Brother

There is no information about Nathan’s family, especially about his parents and sibling besides the name of his younger brother. We know that Nathan’s parents or family live in Michigan, and they have two sons, Zach and Nathan.

Nathan’s brother is also worked with Jeffree’s cosmetic company and also an Instagram star. Even for a short period, he lived with Jeffree and Nathan.

Nathan’s family is very progressive and open-minded as they accepted Jeffree’s lifestyle as well as Nathan’s relationship with him.

Is Nathan Schwandt straight or gay?

Since the day news comes out that Nathan Schwandt is dating Jeffree, there is always been accusation that Nathan is in a relationship with Jeffree for money and fame only. Nathan’s dating history also fuelled these accusations because in the past Nathan dated with women only which makes him straight. However, Nathan Schwandt came out with clarification in his statement where he mentioned that in history, he lived in a conservative environment and did not accept his sexual orientation, hence dated woman. However, now takes who he is – a gay man. He also mentioned when he met Jeffree, and he proudly carried his gay character and happy with Jeffree.

Body Features and Height of Nathan Schwandt

Currently, the weight of Nathan Schwandt is unknown. However, his height is 1.75 meters. Asa color expressive and flamboyant man as he is often seen with different hair colors. He has clear skin with the athletic build, which also makes him a perfect model for Jeffree’s cosmetic company.

This was all about Nathan Schwandt. However, his family background and educational details are still missing. But we are digging a little deeper to find such information and update here soon. In case you have any questions about Nathan Schwandt personal or professional life drop your comment in a box below.

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