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Play Tips for Kids at Home

Are you wondering what to do because you’re stuck inside your house with your kids all day? It doesn’t matter where your house is located or what the weather is. There are times when you have to stay inside. As moms, staying inside will make kids bored.

As such, the following are listed some activities that will fight boredom and challenge their muscles and minds. Also, products like water bead blaster also does the same with your mind and muscles. This will also strengthen their bodies and release all this energy. This will help you have stronger kids.

Play Tips for Kids at Home

Play hangman

Gather clean sheets of paper. You can also use a dry-erase board and play hangman with your kids. With this simple game, it can encourage spelling to your kids. This will also help them learn the ability of how to decode words. Indeed, this game is fun and educational at the same time. If you are looking for trampolines online, then you can check this site.

Marshmallow Tinkertoys

Grab a bag of marshmallows and pretzel sticks. This will help you build a tepee or a 3-D house. Let your kid skewer the marshmallows with sticks to create this masterpiece. To add more fun, place toy pigs, or other animals in the house. Challenge your kid to be the bad wolf and try to blow down the house.

Tape Shape Game

You will need a tape for this game. Use it to create a variety of letters, shapes, and numbers on the floor. Let your kid stand on their favorite one. Then, give instructions to them to follow that will lead them to their next destination. For example, hop to the letter ‘T’ or run to the rectangle. This will keep your child moving and let him learn the shapes, letters, and numbers.

Balloon Game

One of the simplest games with your kids is the balloon game. The instruction is simple, just don’t let the balloon touch the floor. This is one of the physical games that will get rambunctious indoors. As such, make sure that you move the breakables into a safe place.

You can also string up a net on your furniture. Then, see if how many times they can volley the balloon over the net without it touching the floor. If you are looking for trampolines online, then you can check this site.

Indoor Bowling

You can create a simple bowling alley inside your house and have fun. This game is also best to train the hand-eye coordination of your kid.

Choose a flat floor space to play, ten empty bottles or soda cans, marker, tape, tennis ball or plastic ball, and non-toxic spray paint.

With the use of the tape, create a bowling lane. Next, peel the wrappers of the bottles or cans and spray paint them. Give some time for the paint to drip. Then, arrange the bottles at the end of the lane. Arrange it like bowling pins or stack them on top of each other to form a pyramid. Then, ask your kid to strike this arrangement with the use of the ball. In case you have one, you can opt for a readily available bowling set.

Listening Game

The game is fun and educational for younger kids. This exercises your child’s listening abilities. This will also compel them to concentrate. Collect items like books, pens, combs, toys, and bottles. Place them on the table and ask your child to make a mental note of them. Then, ask your kid to close his eyes. Pick an item and make a sound of it. If the child can guess correctly, then he will score a point.

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