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Post-accident economic loss due to permanent injuries

Conclusions of acting irresponsibly and having a disrespectful attitude towards others can cost someone dearly. In public, there are duties imposed on each of us to prevent being the cause of someone else’s sufferings. Others’ safety should be equally valued as yours. Under the laws, your duty is to hesitate to perform activities that have the potential to cause harm to someone else. You owe this duty to others in many aspects of daily life. As an employer, as a driver, or whilst representing a business, the duty of care with exactly the same purpose exists.

Employer’s duty of care

The aftermath of a work accident has higher chances to be destructive for the victim. Many factors may contribute to the severity of the worker’s injuries. Even simple and recoverable injuries can last for long if the worker’s pre-accident physical condition was damaged due to several reasons. Muscle fatigue can be the contributing factor to the accident as the human body may not resist heavy work conditions. If the physical capacity of the workers is being pushed by appointing the workers to tasks that they are incompetent, the employer may be found guilty of neglecting his/her responsibilities.

Workplace safety is a sensitive issue. The employer’s behaviour in the workplace is of crucial importance as neglecting duties can worsen the conditions at work. Under these circumstances, if the employer fails to provide safety in the workplace, the chances of a work accident are to be foreseeably increased. While assessing risks, foreseeability of an accident has importance as the employer’s duty of care is to be breached by ignoring obvious risk factor in the workplace. This is a course of action in which the failure to perform the duty conduces to an accident.

Duty of care in road traffic

Committing actions whilst ignoring the potential conclusion even while the risks are obvious is defined as negligence in traffic. The most common example is speeding. Upon exceeding the speed limits, certain possibilities of being involved in an accident are obvious. On the other hand, vehicles in traffic are partially in tandem with each other. Speeding poses a great risk to other drivers as in case of an emergency, others might take sudden actions to avoid accident and contribute to an accident on a greater scale. Due to your negligence, the whole traffic is to be put at risk.

As a driver, your duty is simple. Driving just as a reasonable driver would contribute to safety in traffic. It is fair to say that the task isn’t hard to achieve. On the other hand, ignoring the duty and acting irresponsibly ends up with troubles for both the victims and the negligent driver.

Duty of care of business to visitor

Either as a service provider or as a host of a private party on your own property, your visitor’s wellbeing is your duty. The requirements of the duty should be met without any exceptions as depending on the service you provide, safety breaches may result in serious accidents. Generally, the service you provide is a combination of many different processes. As an example, in a restaurant, the service starts in the kitchen. As the consumption goods could cause major health problems, the duty should be executed by regularly checking the conditions of the products, replacing if necessary and serving healthy and harmless food to your visitors. As it is only a small part of the service that is to be provided to your visitors, the whole process should be under control. Due to numerous reasons, the visitors can be harmed.

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