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8 Practical Winter Running Tips to Maintain Your Workout Even In Freezing Weather

Are you a health buff who wants to continue running in the outdoors even during cold weather? Chilly temperatures can cause stiff muscles and joints and make running miserable for you. However, with the right attitude and gear, like a waterproof jacket and wool running socks, you can continue your workout as usual.

According to seasoned runners, there are several strategies and tricks to keep you motivated to run. Coach Patti Finke of Portland, Oregon advised to tell yourself you can always quit after several minutes if you cannot stand the weather.

On the other hand, Maine Track Club president Mark Grandonico recommended the wearing of shoes with waterproof and breathable uppers and wool socks to avoid wetness and keep your feet warm.

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Running Essentials During Cold Temperatures

Buy essential clothing you can use to make sure you can continue your regular jogging schedule in any weather condition. To dress up appropriately in cold weather, wear several layers of clothing to feel warm. You can take off your apparel one at a time as your body heats up. Here are some essential clothes to prepare for your winter running sessions:

  1. Running mittens or gloves
  2. Hat, cap, beanie or headband
  3. Jogging pants or running tights
  4. Base layer undershirts, like a wool or poly-blend long-sleeve tech shirt.
  5. Wool running socks
  6. Windproof running jacket

Useful Tips for Jogging in Cold Temperatures

Running outdoors is challenging during freezing weather. However, dressing appropriately will allow you to perform well and prevent potential injuries. Here are some suggestions from experts on how to jog comfortably during chilly conditions:

  • Perform an extended warming-up period inside before heading outdoors. Instead of your usual five-minute preparation, increase it to at least 15 minutes to improve your body temperature and loosen your joints and muscles.
  • Wear several layers of clothing, including a base layer to keep you warm and wick away moisture. You can gradually shed your clothes as your body warms up.
  • Use shoes with excellent traction and least amount of mesh, as well as wool socks to avoid possible slippage and keep your feet warm.
  • Consider wearing earmuffs and thick hat or beanie to keep your head warm. Also, wear comfortable and warm gloves to prevent your fingers from getting numb and stiff due to the freezing temperature.
  • Maintain a comfortable speed to sustain your running muscles, enhance your conditioning, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Don’t put additional stress on your body by keeping in your aerobic zone.
  • Make sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of liquid before, during, and after your jog.
  • Finish your run along with the flow of the wind to avoid the breeze from hitting your face. You may also use creams and ointments on your exposed skin to help prevent frostbite.
  • Limit the distance of your run to a comfortable level and make sure to be at a warm place when you stop. Also, change your clothing immediately to avoid chills. Lastly, drink a hot beverage or soup to keep yourself warm while resting your body.

Don’t let extreme temperatures affect your exercise routines. With the right mindset and apparel, you can run in the outdoors successfully during the winter season.

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