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Security Tool: What are the advantages of Utopia P2P Ecosystem?

It is true you can’t live without the Internet for a long time. But it is also true that your data is constantly monitored in this hyper-connected environment. Every time you use an internet bank, read articles, communicate via instant messengers, tracking algorithms, observe your behavior. Companies fight for precious data to target ads on you and gain more profits. Data brokers amass the information users leave across the Internet to systemize it on their database. It’s rather complex to hide your persona and remove all the digital footprints you left. But is it possible to bypass the global surveillance in the future?

Hopefully, yes. Encrypted apps and software is the right solution you are to put into practice right away. Utopia P2P ecosystem is a full-fledged toolkit combining instant messenger, email service, browser, multi-purpose wallet. Plus, you get rewards for every minute you run Utopia. Investigate spicy details and features in this review!

Utopia P2P ecosystem: solid proofs it is secure

Numerous security-conscious audience is installing Utopia on their devices. What are the selling points?

  1. Enhanced encryption algorithm. The speedy Elliptic curve, in combination with 256-bit AES, guarantees the most reliable security ever available for humans. The data you transfer and in-house storage are protected so that no one can reach your secret files.
  2. Removal of a central server. The network is fully decentralized and self-enclosed, which means there is no single place where Utopia stores the data. This principle prevents users from hacking and data leakage.
  3. Anonymity. From the very installation to everyday use, Utopia doesn’t require your name, ID, phone, email. Your persona is well-covered, and a life-long Private key is used instead of a nickname.
  4. Multi-functionality. You can smoothly perform all the daily tasks within one platform – Utopia comprises all the necessities. Plus, you can locate chats, emails, contacts, and wallet on a single dashboard!
  5. Effortless mining. You can earn coins without any knowledge, trading skills, and costly equipment. Activate the opt-in bot when utilizing Utopia and capitalize.

A brief toolset description

uMessenger. The integral chat room protects the data you exchange via encryption, working by default; you don’t need to create a secret chat. Group conversations, read-only chats are also encrypted, which makes Utopia a reliable tool for business and personal use. Make use of funny games and stickers to brighten the interactions!

uMail. The domestic mailing service lets users exchanging letters across Utopia. It doesn’t handle metafiles and never reads letters content. Apply Templates if you have to write similar letters daily – save the draft and reuse it as needed.

Idyll browser. The internal browser allows web-surfing across Utopia websites. By the way, any user can design an encrypted webpage easily and for free. Remember that Idyll doesn’t collect IPs, browsing details, and payment info so that you can trust it the most sensitive operations.

uWallet. The local wallet is suitable for card-issuing as well as for instant crypto transfers and payments. Also, you can design a merchant account to trade using crypto coins.

Always remember to turn on the Mining tool when utilizing Utopia tools. Internal token Cryptons will appear on your account as a reward.

Finally, Utopia environment is a full-fledged and handy arsenal of services you use on the web but highly protected. Install Utopia on your device and enjoy the freedom of speech!

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