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Some Common Interview Questions You Would Expect To Be Asked in Most Job Interviews

Interview questions can be one of the most daunting aspects of job seeking. There is no one-size-fits-all set of go-to questions, and the more specific you get, the more challenging it becomes to prepare for. For you to get through the interview process, you need to get ready with your personalized list of questions that’ll be most relevant and helpful for you.

Some Common Interview Questions

Some common interview questions you would expect to be asked in most job interviews.

# What is your strength?

This question seems easy, but not many interviewees know how to answer it well. Would you agree that there are several strengths that an individual may have? You can name one or two per category below – your communication skills, your leadership skills, your technical skills, your teamwork skills, and/or your stubbornness!

Answer: I believe that my communication skills are good as it enables me to get things across clearly.

# What is a skill you want to improve on?

It could be any skill, something related to the job or not. But make sure you can back it up with examples of how you have improved on this skill earlier.

Answer: I would like to improve my leadership skills as I believe that it is an important quality for a manager. An example would be when I volunteered to lead a small team during the school camps and eventually won an award for being the best camp leader during the whole program.

# How do you take criticism?

An important quality for an individual in a workplace environment. If you weren’t open to constructive criticism, that would indicate that your ego is too big or that you are not willing to improve on areas where feedback shows that improvement is needed. Be prepared to have examples ready if asked about this.

Answer: I take criticism positively and turn it into something that could improve myself. Sometimes, I may feel a little upset initially, but I don’t dwell on such feelings for long. An example would be when one of my subordinates pointed out that I was not patient enough during discussions with him and his team members, so he gave me tips on how to improve on patience. As a result, I became more patient and improved my relationship with them after this experience.

# What do you know about our company?

This is a question where many interviewees falter as they had just read up some information on their target companies without really understanding their business or had not done any research at all! As an employer, you would want someone who acknowledges your company’s strengths and weaknesses, so present yourself well with this answer.

Some Common Interview Questions

Answer: For about 10 years now, your company has played an important role in increasing sales revenue of food products made in this region. It’s a company that is able to adapt and grow when needed.

# What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

Be positive in your answer here, but don’t give any fake answers such as “I work too hard” or “I am a perfectionist.” Find an area of improvement in which you are willing to put in the effort and let the employer know

what steps you will take to improve on it. If possible, provide an example where you had improved on this weakness before.

Answer: Sometimes, I can be a little impatient because I want things done quickly and efficiently. But I know that it takes time for some processes and people, so I have been trying my best to broaden my thinking about this. An example would be when I was in charge of my own section during a school camp and needed to complete 15 different tasks within three days. I made sure that I gave clear instructions and delegated responsibilities well so that my team members were able to complete their tasks on time.


The interviewer is interested in you as a person so try to answer the questions with examples from your own work/school experiences. Make sure that you have done your research on the company and industry beforehand by reading up their website or information available online so that you can clarify any doubts during the interview.

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