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5 Reasons to Get Indoor Vinyl Flooring In Your Kitchen

Whether you need to furnish your home with a touch of luxury or have a basic, solid, and comfortable ground to step on, vinyl flooring can be an ideal option for you. Over time, vinyl flooring has won the hearts of many Singapore people with its sleek design and beauty that replicates real wood flooring. These tiles have become more preferred inside kitchens since they are a quality addition to comfort and a subtle touch of elegance. Here are reasons why vinyl tiles are ideal kitchen tiles in Singapore.

  1. They are durable

Vinyl tiling is the most timeless flooring you can use in your kitchen. Since kitchens are typically wet and floors can get damp over long periods, it may quickly induce molding and disintegration. Besides, the quality can also reduce with constant moist conditions, making most floors less ideal for kitchens. However, the take is different on vinyl floors. Vinyl tiles with urethane finishing can prevent quality deterioration with constant moisture contact. Some vinyl tiles with a wear layer are ideal for resisting water spills, making them ideal for kitchens.

  1. They are a cheaper alternative

If you’re looking at replicating real wood, ceramic, or stone flooring at a cheaper cost, vinyl tiles are your best fit. With their clever design and finishing, these tiles offer the best touch of luxury in your kitchen without having to break the bank. Stone and ceramic tiles’ prices can go over the ceiling, making them challenging to afford.

  1. Resilient in high foot traffic

If your vinyl tiles have a padded layer, they’re likely to resist huge amounts of foot traffic, making them ideal for installing in your home. Since kitchens are utility rooms in the house and everyone steps in there for known reasons, foot traffic is always immense. Vinyl tiles can resist this heavy and constant foot thumping, making them ideal for high-traffic kitchen tiles in Singapore.

  1. Resists scratch with a wear layer

Since most vinyl tiles have a wear layer that lines their top, they are the perfect fit to resist scratches due to foot movements or falling utensils. However, these tiles can be susceptible to sharp falling objects, which can weaken them. Nonetheless, vinyl tiles can offer more in service with the right amount of care and precaution that keeps away falling sharp objects.

Indoor Vinyl Flooring In Your Kitchen

  1. Comfortable under the feet

If you worry about your feet getting cold in frosty weather or dampness, vinyl tiles are the best option to prevent that. Technically, manufacturers make them using colored polyvinyl chloride chips under heat and pressure, unlike ceramic tiles. This material is hardly susceptible to cold temperatures and doesn’t retain the cold from frosty weather or cool kitchen ambiances. If feet are your worst nightmare, then opting for vinyl tiles is an ideal option.


Vinyl tiles are ideal kitchen tiles in Singapore, and numerous households are turning to this option. They are extremely durable and long-standing, in addition to being frost-resistant. Besides, these tiles duplicate luxury that comes with real wood and stone flooring, making them a cost-effective way of furnishing your kitchen. If anything, getting vinyl tiles in your kitchen is a perfect flooring choice you can make.

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