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Successful Companies Founded by Students

Nowadays, many students plan to start their businesses after graduation. But what if you don’t have to wait? Don’t you think it would be nice to take care of your future while studying?

Of course, it would be cool. And in our times, it is more than just possible. In this article, we tried to bring you inspiration by showing some examples. Here below, you’ll see some famous and successful business companies founded by students. Think about that very well, maybe it is worth to consider the opportunity to buy essay online and get more time to realize your business ideas.



Of course, this list has to start with Facebook. It is the example most people use almost every day. The most popular social network in the world. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while being the second-year Harvard university student. His first purpose was to create something that would help students communicate with each other.

Since that time, the company gained rapid development. Nowadays, there are more than 2 billion users on Facebook. Think about that, it is more than 25% of the planet’s population. And the current capitalization of the company is almost US$650 billion.

Insomnia Cookies

insomnia cookies

There exists a problem every student faced for sure. Frequently, your lectures finish late in the evening and you are hungry. Still, you are bored of the traditional student menu already. For a newbie student at Pennsylvania University, Seth Berkowitz, this dilemma opened a huge business opportunity back in 2003.

One year later, Berkowitz founded the Insomnia Cookies company. The concept was about cooking and delivering bakery to other university students. In 2004, the company opened its first shop in Syracuse, NY. For today, Insomnia Cookies has over 150 trade points. Of course, most of them are located close to student campuses.



Theoldschoolstorygoesbackto 1962. Fred Smith, a student at Yale University at that time, offered a business project for the economics class. His idea was to create a global logistics company processing the cargo on the stages from loading to delivery. They say Smith got the “satisfactory” grade for this project.

Nevertheless, Smith gathered 91 million dollars of venture investments after his graduation and founded the Federal Express company in 1971. Later, his business changed the name to FedEx. The yearly income of the company reached more than 50 billion dollars long ago, and back in 2019, the revenue was almost $70 billion.



The company selling stylish vintage clothes also started as an idea from the dorm room. The beginning of its story has a strong romantic halo, as the ModCloth company founders Susan Gregg-Koger and Eric Kogerstarted dating each other when they were school pupils. Now, the ModCloth company became a family business company.

While studying at Carnegie Mellon University, a couple launched the website for Susan Koger to realize her idea of economic shopping. In March 2017, they successfully sold ModCloth to Jet.com company. According to various data sources, the cost of the deal was somewhere between US$51 andUS$75 million.



You doubtfully would place half a dozen photocopying machines and several dull workers in one small room. But Paul Orfalea, the South California University student, realized this idea with the Kinko’s company.

Willing not to scan the neighborhood searching for Xerox’s devices, Orfalea created his own copying salon. The first Kinko’s location appeared in 1970 thanks to the starting 5,000 dollars of capital his father borrowed from the bank. What’s more interesting is that Orfalea sold his company to the other firm mentioned here already in 2004. It was FedEx.

By the way, many think the story of Paul Orfalea’s success to be exemplary. He was a hyperactive child suffering from dyslexia. As a child, Paul had difficulties with writing and reading, not to mention sitting in one place during business meetings. However, all these obstacles never prevented him from creating a company with 1.5 billion dollars of yearly turnover which experts mention among the best employers all over the USA.



DrewHouston, thestudentoftheMIT, used to forget his USB flash drive in the dorm room all the time. This problem caused him and the other student, Arash Ferdowsi, to create the synchronized cloud file storage system. ItwasnamedasDropboxandlaunchedin 2007.

Currently, Dropbox is among the biggest file hosting storages in the world. With its help, the users can store the data in a cloud space they can connect via any device having an Internet access.

The price of the company is estimated near 9-10 billion dollars. Furthermore, it has an amazing number of users: over 500 million! The overall net worth for Houston is about 1.2 billion dollars, and for Ferdowsi – over 400 million.



The freshman student of the Texas University in Austin, Michael Dell, started selling PC components and upgrade software packs right in his dorm room back in 1983. Dell officially founded a company one year later after he quitted studying and expanding the PC’s Limited assortment. Later, thecompanychangeditsnametoDell. MichaelDellwas 19 yearsoldandhad 1,000 dollars in his pocket when he started a business.

According to Forbes, Michael Dell’s net worth was about 30 billion dollars in May 2020. The company is among the top-3 PC vendors in the world with Lenovo and HP being its main competitors.



The first-year student of Houston University, Matt Mullenweg, had just been looking for an optimal way to create a personal website. He had been providing a blog on a standard platform throughout a few months but possibilities offered there were not enough for Matt. So, he united with the British developer Michael Little in 2003, created PHP scripts, and founded WordPress.



Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without this world-famous example. Two programming admirers, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, met each other back during school years. Gates went to Harvard University but quitted one year later when Paul convinced him to put all the effort into business. They started working hard, although nothing seemed to be good several years in a row. But in 1981, they were lucky to prove the usefulness of their product to the tech giants from IBM and obtained the MS-DOS license.

On November 20, 1985, the first graphic interface of DOS named Windows appeared. A new era was about to begin.

Nowadays, the Microsoft company is the name every PC user knows. The market cap of the business got way higher than $500 billion long ago, and one of its founders, Bill Gates, had been claimed as the richest person on the planed multiple times.

EvanTubeHDYouTube Channel

evan tube

The 13-years-old boy named Evan is among the most successful Internet entrepreneurs of today. He earns a lot with his YouTube channel. The young businessman doesn’t reveal his surname due to safety reasons. Theonlythingweknowforsureisspectacularthough: he was nominated to be the youngest successful YouTube blogger back in 2016 when he was 9.

Mr. Cory’s Cookies

evan tube

AyoungbusinessproviderCoryNievesisonly 14. However, the boy became the CEO of the bakery firm eight years ago at the age of 6. At that time, Cory and his mother moved from NYC to the little town of Englewood.

Public transport was not too organized in that town, so the kid used to be late to school pretty frequently. To prevent new notations coming from teachers, Corey decided to help the mother with buying a car. To do that, the kid began selling the handmade hot chocolate at their house’s yard.

That Corey’s mini-business got significant expansion two years later. Except for hot chocolate, his little store also started selling lemonade and different kinds of cookies. One year later, the 9-year-old Cory became the CEO of a quite big pastry company named Mr. Cory’s Cookies.

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