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What ruined Vinnie hacker Birthday?

TikTok has helped many of them around us stars. It may not be that easy to become a star on TikTok. One such person who has been known to have gained a great experience and a name for himself is Vinnie Hacker. He has over 13 million followers as on date and that should stand proof to his popularity on the TikTok platform. He also has 5 million subscribers on Instagram and over 722K followers on Twitter. How about finding everything about Vinnie Hacker such as Vinnie hacker birthday and other details.

Vinnie hacker birthday recently had a huge controversy and that really ruined his birthday. We will learn about and also learn more about Vinnie Hacker.

Who is Vinnie Hacker?

The full name of Vinnie Hacker is Vinnie Cole Hacker. Born in a wealthy Christian family, he spent his childhood in Seattle. Ever since his childhood, he was fond of baseball and also loved making others laugh. He went to over 170 sports schools across the nation.

Vinnie Hacker birthday falls on July 14, 2002. His candid style videos and lip syncing ideas on TikTok have made him an overnight star. He first appeared on TikTok in 2019 for the first time. We went on to become the TikTok star in just around an year, and by the 2020s – he had become a popular star on TikTok and even other social media platforms.

What happened on Vinnie Hacker birthday?

Before we can discuss every other details of Vinnie Hacker’s life, we will find the details on what happened on Vinnie Hacker birthday. The 2022 birthday of the top star was ruined because of the supposed epithet that he used for the black people. A Twitter user made a Twitch video public in which Vinnie Hacker supposedly remarked – Thank you for the sub – and then the message was erased.

While Vinnie Hacker is known for his skits and lip sync videos, he has never been found to be insulting the black people before. He clarified that he was just thanking his Twitch followers, and even his followers were quick to support him.

The original Tweet was removed, it was reposted by another Twitter user on the Twitter handle of Vinnie Hacker. The video clip has Hacker is playing Overwatch where he thanks his subs. He is seen repeating “Thank you for the sub, thank you for the sub” in the video.

However, that ruined the Vinnie Hacker birthday. Not everyone chose to celebrate the Vinnie Hacker birthday. The name of Vinnie Hacker was trending on the internet during his birthday. There were over 35000 messages that refer to the perverted language that Vinnie Hacker has used.

Net worth of Vinnie Hacker

Given the fact that the earnings are the sole part of one’s net worth, and Vinnie hacker earns from several sources. His primary source of income is his social media profile. His sponsorships cost you a lot of money. The exact size of the sponsorship fees depends largely on his fan base.

He has his videos on YouTube receiving as many as 500,000 to 700,000 views. He has over 5.8 million Instagram followers. His TikTok fan list is 12 million strong. All these sources together would make it a net worth equivalent of $1 million.

How could Vinnie Hacker reach fame?

Vinnie hacker’s rise to fame has a lot to do with the Hype House. The Hype House is a series that focuses on the real lives of famed social media collective. It was recently made available on Netflix as well.

His success story began in 2019 when he  decided to be the part of TikTok. By the year 2020, his popularity went up. The lockdowns induced by the global pandemic also aided in this transition. With over 271k followers, he has been a clear leader of the platform.

He joined YouTube in 2021 and soon rose to fame on the YouTube platform as well. He launched his clothing line in 2020. The line consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants, all available in limited edition. He has named his clothing line as Purgatory.

He has recently joined Instagram and has become quite popular on the platform as well. On Twitch, he has over 725k followers.

Vinnie Hacker – His life in a nutshell

Here are the details of Vinnie Hacker and his life

Full Name: Vincent Cole Hacker

Nickname: Vinnie

Birth date: July 14, 2002

Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′ 8″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $1 million

Vinnie Hacker’s parents are Nate and Maria Hacker who have been known to undertake average jobs. His father works as an electrician. His mother is a 911 dispatcher. He also has a brother Reggie hacker who is earning his livelihood through the baseball.  He attended the O’Dea High School and graduated before he began a TikTok career.

Vinnie Hacker is successful social media influencer and has a flourishing career in the social media profiles. He claims to have over 500k subscribers on YouTube. In addition, he has 5.5 Million Instagram users and over 14 lakh TikTok followers. With such a huge presence across TikTok, YouTube and other social media services, he has been able to achieve a huge status in a very shorter span of time.

Vinnie Hacker is currently single and has not declared any sort of relationship so far.

A few FAQs

How can you contact Vinnie Hacker?

You can get in touch with Vinnie Hacker through the email address vinniehackerwork@gmail.com.

What is Vinnie Hacker known for?

Vinnie Hacker is a model cum social media personality. He is known for his lip sync videos and other lifestyle videos on TikTok. A huge follower base that he has on TikTok, YouTube and other platforms makes him a clear leader of the social media scope.

Is Vinnie Hacker religious?

Yes, Vinnie Hacker is extremely religious in nature. He is born in a Christian family and is very much passionate about his faith.

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