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6 Examples of Jobs Handled by Technical Writing Services

Writing is a form of communication between two parties. As a communicative art, the goal is that the recipient understands what is being written. Some subjects, concepts, and things are just too complex and it takes expertise to break them down into easy-to-comprehend forms. This is what technical writing is about.

Technical writing can take several forms and some technical writing examples will be discussed here in this article. The goal is to help you understand these technical writing examples and see the need to make use of them if/when the need arises.

Technical Writing Services

Services Provided by Technical Writers

The following are examples of writing jobs that will be handled by technical writing services:

User Manuals

Not everyone understands what goes on in the minds of makers of goods and products. This is why there is a need for a document that explains this and how to properly use the said goods or products.

The details will ensure that goods and products are used seamlessly and flawlessly. A good technical writer can make this happen by coming up with a user manual. But before doing so, the technical writer needs to fully understand how the product works.

Press Release

This is brief information on a specific matter issued to a target audience or the general public traditionally through print media. The influence of social media has made it possible to issue press releases through its channel. There is a way to properly write a press release. On the whole, this write-up:

  • Should not sound or look too extensive
  • No important detail about the message conveyed should be left out
  • It should have a headline that catches the attention of the target audience
  • Should be presented from a newsworthy angle
  • Important contact information should be included
  • Quotes should be added if/when necessary
  • It should not consist of more than five paragraphs

You can read this article for more information on what a press release should look like. A good technical writer understands these and more about a press release format. This professional is also well aware of how best to put out the message that needs to be conveyed.

Guides for Software Installation

Not everyone is tech-savvy even after years of the internet gaining ground. But the irony is that most of us will have to use and even install one form of software or the other.

Software installation guides are aimed at ensuring users install software applications easily. This is regardless of the level of their tech expertise. This sort of guide can be written for out-of-the-shelf software applications as well as custom-made software applications. By the way, the guide can also be helpful for the installation and upgrading of software applications.

API Documentation

API is an IT-related acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. There are complex explanations for what an API does but the simple explanation would be that it makes it possible for at least two or several computer programs to interact.

To make this happen, a sort of documentation also known as API description, API docs, or API documents is needed. This documentation consists of a learning guide in the form of tutorials, references, and even examples to assist developers in using the said API.

A technical writer understands how to come up with this kind of learning guide to assist developers in using APIs. If you want to find out more about what API documentation should look like, you can visit: https://www.freecodecamp.org/.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements is fondly known as SLAs and is a contractual agreement that outlines the commitment between the provider or supplier and the customer.

It has legal backing just as any contractual agreement and there is a format in which it should be written. A technical writer preferably with an understanding of business law is in a good position to write such documents.


Marketers often use whitepapers to get their target audience educated about a specific issue using a persuasive and authoritative tone. The objective for the whitepaper could also be the promotion of a methodology.

In-depth reporting is required in doing this as the audience needs to fully grasp the message. Writing a whitepaper is also one of the several services that can be handled by a technical writer.

We have examined 6 writing tasks that can be provided by technical writers. There are many others besides the ones discussed here. These include case studies, SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), and other documents that may be needed by your company.


Many people can write and some of them can even write well. However, it takes more than just writing well to do a good job at technical writing. Training on how to write and how to write in line with contemporary formats and trends is involved.

A good technical writing service should be engaged to handle all things technical writing for this reason. This way, you are certain that the right words are used and that they are conveyed in the right form.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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