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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to NYC: 6 Must-Know Tips

New York City is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. This was the place where people went in the past if they wanted to start their life anew and start fresh. It was the city where immigrants first arrived when going to the US and it is the city with the richest history. Even up to this day, this city remains one of the most visited cities in the entire world, for many reasons.

Thus, you want to make your visit worth it and you want to enjoy NYC to its fullest. However, you are not the only one with this goal, there are millions of people flocking to this city with the same wishes as you. You will need to organize properly and plan your visit if you truly want to see NYC in its full glory. With this ultimate guide, you will see the 6 most important tips when visiting NYC.

1.   The right time

Some periods are better for visiting NYC than others and it is important to time it right. There is just something so beautiful about watching the sunset at the edge of NYC, a truly breathtaking moment. However, NYC is one of the most visited cities of all time and you are not the only one who wants to see this breathtaking moment.

The two optimal periods to visit NYC are between April and June and between September and November. The crowds are not as big during those periods and the weather is perfect, it’s not scorching hot nor is it freezing. Seeing NYC atop the edge is also best done in these periods, especially in the early morning.

2.   Commute

The best way to get around NYC is by public transport, and it is the most immersive way of going around. Renting a car may seem convenient, but it really is not mostly due to the parking problems you will be facing. Even though NYC is notorious for its subway system, for both the good and the ugly, you should still use it. You can get to anywhere you need and you will be saving more money on it than by taking a cab.

Just be careful not to go around during rush hours, meaning before and after work shifts start. You will be crammed and it is ok to wait a few extra minutes until emptier subways arrive. Unfortunately, you will need to be aware of pickpockets in the subway, but again, they are common in every big city.

3.   Getting tickets

NYC is full of beautiful museums and wonderful theaters that you must visit. It may seem impossible to get in when there are such big crowds, but with the right planning, you can get in. The trick is to get your tickets before you arrive, a few months in advance if possible. You can buy tickets in advance and print them out, or just show the QR code depending on the ticket.

However, even if you do get tickets in advance, you will still need to wait in line before you can get in. It is possible to look up the usual time of waiting before you arrive and know when to get there. Calculate the commute time with some possible delays, and you will get into any museum or theater you want.

4.   Food

NYC is a very multicultural city, meaning you can find any type of food you can imagine here with no trouble. However, that does not mean you should eat any food you stumble upon, you need to watch out. Visiting the main tourist attractions sure is nice in NYC, but you should not eat there. Those places are purposely put there to get money, but most of them are not as good as you might think.

However, if you just sidestep from the main streets even a bit, you will stumble upon the greatest restaurants. If you are already in NYC, why would you eat at big fast food joints that you already ate at? Just think about the food that intrigues you the most, and look up online reviews before you arrive. It is better to plan your meals before you arrive and mark the spots on maps.

5.   Comfort

Getting around NYC is not tough, but it sure is a big city with big crowds. You want to get comfortable and prioritize this as you are walking and commuting around NYC. Even though many people will tell you to get as stylish as possible, you will realize that no one is looking at you in this city. Everyone is living their own lives here and minding their own business, you are just another small cog in this concrete jungle.

Wear comfortable shoes and comfy clothing so you do not get tired on the big streets. Literally, no one will bother looking at you, NYC residents have seen a lot and it is hard to surprise them. This is not meant to make a stereotype of crazy people in NYC, a lot of people come through here and people get used to seeing unusual things.

6.   The hype

NYC is usually hyped as the city of dreams, a true representation of the American dream. However, it is important not to get your hopes and dreams too high when visiting this city. This is not meant to downgrade NYC and its glory, it is truly a wonderful city. However, many people think that visiting this city can change their lives and it will make them different. Just do not overhype your expectations and be rational when visiting the city and you will enjoy it.

Traveling to NYC

These 6 tips were selected because they are bulletproof when it comes to visiting NYC. A lot of guides will tell you to go see this or that or try this type of food, but they lack something important. They lack the understanding of this city and they lack the element of the reality of NYC.

You need to think about the real aspects of this city and how things go around in here. Thus, with these 6 tips, you will be able to make your visit great and hassle-free. It is all about setting up your mindset and thinking about the small, and important details that make a visit truly memorable.

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