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What Separates the Best Legal Recruiters from the Rest

There’s a major difference between having a lawyer and a great lawyer, but they both pass the bar exam. They all claim to be hard-working professionals, so how can corporate or private clients know who they’re hiring?

That’s where legal recruitment firms come in. Let’s look closely to see what separates the best recruiters from the rest.

Long, Vast Experience

Industry-leading legal recruitment firms like The Heller Group have many years of experience connecting a range of legal professionals like compliance officers, contract administrators, and law clerks with top firms. They have personal relationships across the industry, so they can place you in a leading firm that suits whatever niche you’ve carved out for yourself.

Many lawyers are litigators or criminal defence lawyers like you see on television programs. However, legal professionals cover a wide range of jobs. Whatever it is you do, they know people looking to fill that position.

The best legal recruitment firms are staffed with people who have vast experience, both as headhunters and as legal professionals themselves. They understand both sides of the coin because they’ve experienced it first-hand.

Deep Process

The leading legal head hunters use a variety of methods to make connections, including database selection, networking, advertising, and direct search. Most legal recruitment firms don’t use direct search because it’s time-consuming, but this is a tried and tested way to make the right connections for senior and specialist positions.

Sometimes, the best candidates are the ones who aren’t looking for a new position — they’re happy and fulfilled where they are, and their superiors love the work they produce. Poaching such talent involves actively seeking them out rather than trawling for professionals in the usual ways.

Leading headhunters know that putting the work in upfront helps cement long-term alignment.

The Personal Touch

At the end of the day, professionals looking to shift their job or firms looking to fill a position need the right fit. But a personal touch goes a long way in making what can potentially be an anxious process exciting instead.

Switching jobs is a transitionary time that can bring up many emotions. Having a committed professional who has seen it all by your side can be a stabilizing force that makes you feel more confident and assured.

Likewise, legal recruitment firms need to work closely with the companies for which they’re staffing, and it goes a long way when people are kind and personable. Not only is this its own reward, but recruiters need to get a sense of who people are when making connections to ensure there’s a professional and personal fit.

Whether you’re looking to make a parallel shift in another firm, advance your career, or you’re the one looking to fill a position, there’s a lot at stake. You can venture off and go it alone or work with a professional recruiting firm that takes all the above points seriously. Your long-term job satisfaction or the firm’s standing may be riding on it, so connect with the right legal recruitment firm today.

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