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Things You Should Know About The Online Proctoring Exam

Technology developments bring lots of changes in every field that increases convenience. Education is the best example of the practical uses of modern technology. During the pandemic, the government closed schools and colleges.

E-learning offers the student to attend the class safely from the comfort of home. The exam authorities move towards online proctoring to conduct the examination. Proctoring plays an important role in the examination, which enables the candidate to take the exam whenever and wherever.

During the physical exam, Invigilation is hassle-free. Without a physical invigilator, students take the exam at home in an online exam. Remote proctoring is critical to ensure the registered candidate finishes examinations.

An important benefit of choosing remote proctoring is high integrity and security. It aids the colleges and schools to monitor the examination procedure and prevent cheating. Keep reading to learn about the proctored exam, varieties of remote proctoring, and its benefits:

Overview of online proctored exams

Remote proctoring software runs on the examinee’s computer and is used for online proctored tests. The examiner can manage a real-time evaluation process. On the other hand, it protects educational integrity by preventing cheating. The proctor can resolve the technical problem.

Proctoring software collects data and sends it to the third-party proctoring company for investigation. Remote examinations work similarly to other examinations, but all complementary actions are conducted over the internet. The integrity of an examination room is protected through proper supervision.

Requirements for remote proctoring

The supervisor gains many benefits from the online remote proctoring software. It allows them to maintain the online test integrity without trouble. The professional can utilize the latest software to authenticate the examinee recognition. Here are the requirements for online proctoring:

  • The web browser plug-in needed to share the screen is well-matched with the PC or laptop to attend the online examination. In addition, mobile phones and other devices are also permitted to take the exam.
  • It would be best to have a stable internet connection with a 1.5 Mbps upload speed. So, it is good to use a wifi connection for mobile streaming.
  • The candidate should show an ID card, passport, or other documents with their name and photo to confirm their identity. You should keep the secret information safely like student numbers and others.

Different ways to proctor online exams

In the remote proctoring, students are proctored by screen tracking, Mic, and webcams. There are different methods of online proctoring that have unique benefits. Let’s see popular types of remote proctoring:

  • Live remote proctoring

Live online proctoring is similar to the center-based examination that enables the student’s activities through video, screen sharing option, and audio. This type does not vary from offline proctoring except for remote locality accessibility.

In addition, it needs human invigilators who observe the examination in the video feed. The major difference with the normal examination is that all things are proctored remotely. It is important to book the time and date of examination to check whether the proctor is available or not.

  • Automated proctoring

One of the effective methods is AI proctoring, which does not need human intervention. It is an AI-based cutting-edge technology that allows the online exam administration automatically. The test proctoring software can analyze the audio and video feed and determine fraud activities.

In addition, AI-based proctoring can use different ways to monitor candidates’ behavior, such as face recognition, object tracking, eye tracking, and others via webcam. Therefore, there is no chance of committing fraud activities during the examination. Artificial intelligence can detect undesirable student behaviors with enhanced precision.

If any candidate does unfair actions, this software sends reports to proctors faster. They investigate the case and make the final decision. The AI proctoring system is more hassle-free than other methods. So, you don’t want to plan the exam using this proctoring method.

  • Lockdown browser

The best type of browser used for online examination is the lockdown browser. It locks the uses of websites and other applications. In addition, this browser can block the computer or laptop functions like printing and others during the examination.

The lockdown browser is installed on the device where you are attending the examination and can only monitor the device. It cannot stop offline communication like books, paper notes, mobile phones, or others.

  • Recorded proctoring

A human proctor is not required when using the recorded proctoring. This method records all video and audio information in real-time. The examiner reviews these recordings later, eliminating the time constraint for dynamically monitoring the student. They keep hold of the limitation of the inspector’s active involvement.

You can compare all methods and choose the best one for the online exam. Using report proctoring for students and educational institutions has many benefits.

Benefits of using the online assessment in education

The education sector can operate using cutting-edge technologies and tools. Now, mobile and cloud technologies are used in the school to identify and monitor the students. Using the latest tools is a simple method to streamline the administrative procedure. Take a look at interesting benefits of using e-assessment tools:

  • Online exams eliminate the administrative burden on the educational institutes that helps save time and effort on the exam paper printing.
  • An electronic assessment makes checking and moderating the examination results quickly and streamlined. It enables the teacher to use approved questions to create automatic papers.
  • It offers the educational institution a chance to test online without paper. So, they can save funds on printing, paper, and transportation.
  • School uses an online assessment solution to create the report without difficulty. The report can be customized easily based on the school guidelines and student performance.
  • In addition, e-assessment solutions eliminate unethical activities and cheating in online exams.


Now, many educational institutes are switching to remote proctoring due to its cost-effectiveness. The instructor uses new tools to monitor the candidate’s behavior in the examination. In addition, a remote exam proctoring system increases self-confidence, security, and convenience in the online examination process.

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