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Top Hacks For Getting Free Boxes When Moving

Do you intend to move anytime soon? If you said yes, you’ll need a lot of cardboard boxes. This can become surprisingly pricey, but fear not, it’s possible to get your hands on free boxes!

There are several locations where you can get free moving boxes.

So, where can you find free moving boxes? It turns out that there are a plethora of stores and supermarkets that will give you away from a free cardboard box or two. Simply inquire!

Weekends are generally quieter than weekdays, but many merchants still have provided delivery times. This implies they either have a lot of free cardboard boxes or recycle them because they have no further usage for them. Here are some places to look:

Supermarket chains

Any of the major supermarket chains, such as ASDA, Lidl, Iceland, Co-op, and so on should be your first stops. Since these businesses frequently have discounts and sell goods in large quantities, they are more likely to receive daily deliveries. When the shelves are restocked, you can pick up your moving boxes early in the morning or late at night. Before Tesco removes the empty boxes for recycling between 6 and 7 a.m., you may try your luck there before they are taken away. Keep in mind that the availability of the boxes is determined by company policy.

Fruit and alcoholic boxes are the most ideal kinds of packing containers. They’re made for transporting heavy and delicate goods, making them ideal for relocating houses. They are durable and made to handle big objects that require moving.

Discount stores

Pound shops, such as Poundland, are the next place to look. Of course, discount stores provide daily deliveries because they sell items in bulk. Don’t be scared to ask about free cardboard boxes at your local pound shop. You may even ask for the next delivery time and go there now, even if none are accessible right now.

Grocery stores

Local supermarkets and off-licence shops are the next locations on your list when looking for free boxes for relocation. The owners of these businesses would be pleased to get rid of a few liquor boxes. Because these shops are smaller, there’s no room for extra boxes to stack up.

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants may also have spare alcohol boxes. Although alcohol is frequently consumed in such locations, the number of boxes available is restricted.

Coffee shops

Both companies, according to the Starbucks and Costa Coffee websites, are making efforts to decrease their carbon footprint by recycling and providing environmentally responsible services.

For moving tips from the experts, find out more here.

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